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The Liberty Loft
The Liberty Loft
27 May 2023
Dan Backer

NextImg:Op-Ed: Only One Thing Matters in 2024 - And It's Why I'm 100% for Ron DeSantis

Entering the 2024 election, there are several cold, hard truths.

One: Donald Trump, however popular among some Republicans, simply cannot appeal to people outside of his very narrow base — not anymore.

Two: Ron DeSantis is the strongest Republican candidate in the field. And he is the only Republican who can beat Joe Biden in a general election.

Three: Democrats, their media allies and other Ron-haters are so terrified of DeSantis’ popularity that they have resorted to publishing nasty hit pieces about his wife, setting up softball town halls for Trump (who is still ratings gold), and screaming from the digital rooftops about every conceivable slight.

Four: It’s time for Republicans to accept the truth, stop the infighting, and focus on winning. In DeSantis’ own words: “Two have a chance to get elected president — Biden and me.”

He’s right. According to our extensive, observational “anti-polling” data across three separate trackers and over 19 million Americans, Trump’s support is louder, not larger, and limited to a slowly shrinking core audience. DeSantis, on the other hand, can succeed where Trump will fail — and he can do it with the entire electorate.

Since May of last year, Ready for Ron has used Impact Social to observe and monitor 40,000 swing voters across America — identified by their actual social media posts, not Twitter bots. DeSantis consistently beats Biden among swing voters, who are fed up with the Trump shtick.

Even within the Republican Party, where Trump’s base is significant, it is still a minority. With DeSantis’ consistent, disciplined message and his ability to deliver results while ignoring the noise, he can win the primary by uniting a wide range of Republicans behind him.

Winning takes a movement. Ready for Ron, which I helped start, spent the last year running thousands of TV ads, distributing millions of mailings, and making tens of millions of online, email and social connections to build that movement behind a simple truth: Ron DeSantis will be America’s next great president.

We changed the discussion, driving up his national positives with core grassroots audiences and securing a quarter million petition signatures to draft DeSantis — and it worked. Now, we’re ready to win, simply because that’s all that matters in 2024.

The stakes are high. Today’s left is crazy, peddling woke propaganda and making America more communist in the process. In a weak economy with sky-high inflation, Biden’s top concern is apparently “white supremacy.” And we’re supposed to tolerate that nonsense? And not elect an actual leader?

Knowing the stakes, there is no room for a “stick in the eye” pyrrhic victory in 2024. There is only victory: nominating and electing a Republican president who will reverse the damage done by the left-wing Biden administration and make America great again.

To many Republicans, Trump was a strong candidate and a successful president — in the past. But the past is not the present. What worked then cannot work now, not after the 2020 election. Ron DeSantis is the present and the future, just like the state he governs so successfully.

While the instinct of the consulting class is to pour money into TV ads, that’s not where this election — primary or general — will be won. The unsexy work of knocking on doors, with its clear metrics and low profits, is anathema to most political consultants, but that is how the 2024 election will be won — on the ground.

With over 250,000 grassroots petition signers who are ready to win, we have a strong foundation to build on. It’s more difficult rallying support for DeSantis on the ground than putting out another TV ad, but the hard work is exponentially more impactful.

Win the grassroots game, and Republicans will nominate Ron DeSantis to take down Biden. Lose on the ground, and another winnable election will slip away — at America’s expense.

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