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The Liberty Loft
The Liberty Loft
6 Jan 2024
WND Staff

NextImg:Lawmakers confident of override of DeWine's veto of child protection plan

After a Republican governor, Mike DeWine of Ohio, stunningly sided with those who advocate mutilating transgender surgeries for children by vetoing a child protection bill adopted by lawmakers, he now is facing a possible override.

The Washington Stand reveals that the lead author of the protection plan confirmed the “momentum is on our side, and we will see this through.”

State Rep. Gary Click told The Washington Stand, “We will win this.”

Officials say lawmakers in the state have set a special legislative session in which DeWine’s veto probably will be overturned.

DeWine trashed the law, H.B. 68, which would ban transgender surgeries or injections of chemicals on minors, and bar males athletes from being on teams for females, or sharing their showers.

It was just this week that House Speaker Jason C. Stephens said he’s called a special session of the state House of Representatives for January 10.

Click told the Stand, “I haven’t engaged with hurting families, or tearful victims nor spent sleepless nights and long hours speaking to professionals, leafing through dry medical journals, and well-written books, researching the trends from Ohio to the Netherlands to give up at the one-yard line. The lives and futures of Ohio’s youth are far too precious for me to quit now.”

Legislative rules require a three-fifths majority vote of the House and Senate to override a veto. The Ohio state Senate passed H.B. 68 by a 24-8 vote, before the Ohio House of Representatives endorsed the bill 61-27.

Click later explained on “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” that the governor refused to go along with lawmakers on the issue of puberty blockers.

“He wanted me to allow the puberty blockers. While decades of surveys show most adolescents outgrow gender dysphoria by adulthood, if they’re put on the puberty blockers, 98% will go onto the opposite-sex hormones, and then ultimately later to surgery,” Click explained.

Click reported to the Stand that his colleagues in the assembly were texting him with requests for a special session even before DeWine was done with his veto announcement.

“We were elected to lead, not cower from the woke mob. I will fight tooth and nail when we come back to session to override the [g]overnor’s veto and put the safety of Ohio’s children first,” explained State Rep. Josh Williams.

“We must protect our children from radical leftist gender ideology being pushed into Ohio,” charged Sen. Michael Rulli. “I support an immediate override of this irresponsible veto.”

This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

This post originally appeared on WND News Center.