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The Liberty Loft
The Liberty Loft
18 Mar 2023
Peter Partoll

NextImg:If Putin Looks Weak to US in New Limping Video, Imagine How Weak Biden Looks to Russia

A new video appears to show Russian President Vladimir Putin limping during a visit to Russian-occupied Crimea.

According to Metro, Putin visited the Crimean peninsula to celebrate the nine-year anniversary of the region’s annexation by Russia from Ukraine in 2014.

This visit comes a day after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin, alleging that Putin is deporting Ukrainian children to Russia to be forcibly adopted.

Now, in this latest appearance, the video appears to show the Russian president walking with a limp as he enters an art school and a children’s center, causing many to wonder once again whether Putin is facing health issues.

(Video credit: Metro)

To be frank, if Putin is walking with a limp, it is hardly noticeable. Most people watching that clip would probably not notice anything unusual about the way he is walking if the title of the video did not tell them that already.

Of course, if Putin really is limping, the rest of the world will take note of it and use it as proof that Russia is weakly led and in a precarious position.

However, the implications of this reading of the video pose massive problems for the United States: If this video of Putin seemingly limping makes him look weak, how weak does Biden look to our adversaries?

Since becoming president, Biden has had more than his fair share of mistakes and embarrassing moments that have turned him into a laughingstock in the eyes of the world.

Putin’s supposed limp is outdone by the fact that Biden has very publicly and repeatedly had trouble walking up stairs, specifically the stairs of Air Force One.

But it gets worse for Biden, as Putin has made none of the embarrassing speaking gaffes or mistakes that have become a hallmark of the Biden presidency.

Biden’s cognitive ability is also being brought into question, as he has time and again paused in the middle of speeches, forgetting what he meant to say, mispronounced a word or phrase, or forgotten the name of the person standing right next to him.

All these things add up to make Biden look like a weak and pathetic leader in the eyes of the world. Putin may have a limp, but that is nothing compared to the parade of Biden flops.

What makes this worse is the fact that we are potentially on the verge of war with Russia. It is more imperative than ever for us to have a strong leader to stand up to Putin, and Biden is simply not that leader.

But it is not only Russia, as China is now taking an increasingly aggressive stance toward Taiwan, with many people warning that there could be a conflict with China in the next few years.

Russia and China’s aggression is only encouraged by the fact that the leader of the free world is a weak, harmless old man, and that all we can retort with is that Putin appears to have a limp.

Putin’s supposed limp may not be a good sign for the leadership of Russia, but that is really nothing compared to the myriad of embarrassing moments coming from the Biden administration.

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