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The Liberty Loft
The Liberty Loft
2 Sep 2023
Bryan Chai

NextImg:CNN Humiliated After Truth About Men Arrested Under 'New Anti-Gay Laws' Comes to Light

What is it with the far left and protecting sexual predators, particularly those who target children?

There were those sick attempts to try and normalize pedophilia with terms like “minor-attracted persons.” There was that recent bizarre instance of Rolling Stone magazine stopping just short of calling itself pro-child sex-trafficking.

And of course, the less said about whatever it is that the incumbent president does with young girls, the better.

The latest example of the far left covering for the very worst scum of the earth came on Tuesday, when CNN took to X to lament the woeful fate of two gay men in Uganda.

(For the unaware, Uganda recently enacted sweeping and restrictive laws that all but outlawed homosexuality in the African nation. Unsurprisingly, LGBT activists were having conniptions over it.)

CNN, in perhaps an attempt to curry ever more favor with its LGBT overlords, posted on X about two men who could be the very first casualties of these new Ugandan by-laws.

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“Two men in Uganda are facing separate charges of ‘aggravated homosexuality,’ an offense punishable by death under the country’s controversial new anti-gay laws,” the X post reads.

The insinuation is about as subtle as a sack of bricks: “THIS HORRIBLE ANTI-LGBT LAW IS GOING TO GET PEOPLE KILLED JUST FOR BEING THEMSELVES.”

That, in and of itself, is about what you’d expect from the left, and it’s unsurprising that CNN would come to the defense of these men like that …

… Or it would be unsurprising, if Community Notes didn’t nuke that misleading X post into orbit.

As the article mentions (but not the original social media post — funny how that works), the two men charged with “aggravated homosexuality” are actually being accused of pretty heinous crimes — homosexual or not.

One of the men has been accused of unlawful sexual intercourse with a — and this cannot be stressed enough — disabled man.

The other? Tucked away in the middle of the article is the rather important distinction that the other man facing these new Ugandan laws is accused of performing sexual acts on a 12-year-old …  which is literally not even a teenager.

If CNN had any shame whatsoever — and there’s ample evidence the beleaguered news network does not — it would be pretty darned embarrassed right now.

But just because the network is having to walk around with egg on its face doesn’t erase this genuinely disturbing narrative trend from the left.

Here are just some additional examples of the far left offering a warm embrace of pedophilia:

Honestly, this writer loathes conspiracies, particularly anything that’s remotely connected to Pizzagate bunk.

However, even the staunchest doubters have to admit … all of those aforementioned examples, collectively, paint a sinister and perturbing picture.

At the very least, it forces people to ask, “What is going on here?”

But if there’s one glass-half-full observation to glean from all this, it’s that these sickos on the far left cannot help themselves. Their perversion just has to be put on blast for the world to see.

And there’s one thing you can take to the bank: When someone shows and tells you who they really are, believe them.

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