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The Liberty Loft
The Liberty Loft
2 Dec 2023
WND Staff

NextImg:Census now demanding 'sex at birth,' 'current gender,' raising alarms

The U.S. Census Bureau is adding demands for every person in households to reveal their “sex at birth” and their “current gender,” as if that could be changed, and the additions have prompted a warning about the ongoing loss of privacy Americans are sustaining.

“In an age when the government has significant technological resources at its disposal to not only carry out warrantless surveillance on American citizens but also to harvest and mine that data for its own dubious purposes, whether it be crime-mapping or profiling based on race or religion, the potential for abuse is grave,” warned John W. Whitehead, a constitutional attorney and chief of The Rutherford Institute.

“Any attempt by the government to encroach upon the citizenry’s privacy rights or establish a system by which the populace can be targeted, tracked and singled out must be met with extreme caution. The American Community Survey qualifies as a government program whose purpose, while seemingly benign, raises significant constitutional concerns.”

His organization previously has warned about the invasion of privacy created by census operations.

The newest problem concerns the “mandatory” American Community Survey, which is sent to households monthly.

This is in addition to the census done every 10 years to estimate the population of the nation, its states and cities. This assessment allows the government to provide estimates on trends, movements and numbers that develop between the population counts.

Rutherford reported it has formally lodged complaints about the plans by the U.S. Census Bureau to “expand the already exhaustive, invasive ongoing monthly survey to include questions about each household member’s sex assigned at birth, current gender (including transgender, nonbinary, or others), and sexual orientation.”

And it has posted online a form letter of complaint through which citizens can complain to census officials about the questions.

Rutherford explained, “The American Community Survey (ACS) is a highly invasive, ongoing monthly survey issued by the U.S. Census Bureau to collect detailed housing and socioeconomic data from about 3.5 million households each year. The ACS requires recipients to provide the government with extensive and sensitive information about each and every person in their household, including their work schedules, their physical disabilities and limitations, the number of automobiles kept at the residence, and their access to phone-service and the internet.”

Further, the warning continued, “The information collected by the ACS is not anonymous: the survey is to contain the name, age, sex, race, and home address of each person at the residence, along with the phone number of the person who fills out the form.”

And it’s mandatory.

“When people do not respond online or by mail, the Census Bureau repeatedly sends field representatives to their homes at unannounced times to harass and interview them until they answer the survey. People have reported that field representatives remained outside their houses for hours while waiting for them to arrive home or come out, have walked around their homes, and have talked to minor children when parents were away. The questions on the ACS are so invasive that many initially think the survey is a phishing scam to steal their personal information.”

“Institute attorneys warn that the data collected and amassed by the Census Bureau through the ACS would be a goldmine for criminals,” the report said.

The transgender ideology is a campaign that Joe Biden has pursued since before he was elected. However, following the science, being male or female is embedded in the human body down to the DNA level and doesn’t change.

Mutilating surgeries and chemicals can, however, alter the appearance of a human body.

This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

This post originally appeared on WND News Center.