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The Last Refuge
The Last Refuge
5 Aug 2023

NextImg:Weird - Ron DeSantis in New Hampshire Promises to "Go After These Third World Countries That Have Become Hotbeds of Antisemitism"... - The Last Refuge

This is a very odd line inside an extended response to an audience question in New Hampshire (full context video below).

Candidate Ron DeSantis was responding to a question from a Jewish audience member about antisemitism in Florida and her concerns that her Jewish family were unsafe. As Ron DeSantis walks through the exceptionally pro-Israel policies he supports, particularly as the leading AIPAC candidate in 2024, the Florida governor is highlighting a series of Israel-first policies he implemented in the state, when suddenly he makes this weird statement:


Obviously, DeSantis is trying to position himself as the most pro-Israel candidate in the race; that part is not uncommon.  Pulling Mark Levin away from President Trump would serve multiple interests around his candidacy.  However, this specific line about going after third-world countries just seems a little strange.

What countries is he talking about, and how exactly would “we go after” them?

Perhaps the guiding hands of the 2018 congressional exit are starting to surface.