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The Last Refuge
The Last Refuge
24 Mar 2023

NextImg:Site Notes - CTH Support Update - The Last Refuge

Thank you to all readers and members of the Conservative Treehouse fellowship for your continued support.  Without your help this little corner of the research and discussion internet just could not exist. I will always work earnestly to be deserving of that support and fellowship.

We are fortunate, blessed and protected by a loving God, who has abundant confidence in our ability.

I am just about able to get back to regular research and article writing now, with the remaining hurricane Ian recovery challenges no longer dictating the schedule.

Thank you again for your support and gracious understanding over the past several months.  As new visitors attest every day, the fellowship in this commenting community is unique, insightful, articulate, intelligent, funny and awesome.  I love you guys.

In the middle of the recovery chaos, and based on numerous requests for an option, we were able to set up and beta test a one-time financial support system providing an alternative to PayPal.  However, depending on your browser settings (and ad blocker software) I am also hearing that many people cannot see it.  There is a screengrab below showing what I am talking about.

The alternative financial support appears directly below the PayPal link in a yellow box as highlighted.  Some have said browser settings can block visibility, and I have also heard it doesn’t show up on some mobile devices.  I am not sure what the technical issue might be other than ISP filters (now becoming more problematic) and/or Adblocking software.

Due to my personal requirements for Treehouse user privacy, and my firm stance on not retaining user data lists, the alternative system does not provide a subscriber option.  If you use the alternative support function, each time you would want to support CTH you would have to click it and reenter your information.  No data is saved.

Financial support through PayPal remains the most efficient and stable way to support CTH.  I know they have received a lot of criticism, much of it well placed; however, my own experience with PayPal has been solid.  When CTH was deplatformed and under attack from Big Tech (eye of Sauron) to their credit PayPal stood firm and supported CTH in providing their service.  They would NOT demonetize us.

While my experience with PayPal seems to run counter to the outcome described by others, the unexpected supportive position from PayPal made a strong impression on me.  Again, perhaps unique, not sure why, but my experience with them has been very good.  If that ever changed, I would immediately let you know.  The data security and convenience of their system is also solid and useful.

Regardless, there are now two options: (1) PayPal and (2) Proprietary.  Due to legal caution and the data privacy construct, the Proprietary alternative has a 30-day access lag built in.  Meaning if you use that option, in approximately 30 days the funds become accessible, whereas support through the preferred PayPal option is immediate.

March is the month when all the annual fees for licensing, email notification systems, data security, legal retainers and background stuff associated with the building of CTH 2.0 are paid.  Thank you to everyone who helps offset these costs and keeps our voice in the fight…

Eyes of a mouse/Ears of an elephant…. and don’t forget to live your best life! 

Love to all,