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The Last Refuge
The Last Refuge
22 Jul 2023

NextImg:Report Showing Massive Dark Money Group Funneling Large, Potentially Foreign, Cash Donations into Biden Super PAC - The Last Refuge

As the network of Joe and Hunter Biden’s financial influence scheme through various LLC’s and dummy corporations continues to puzzle investigators, a similar scenario arises within the political campaign fundraising for Joe Biden’s Super PAC.

Fox News digital has some of the preliminary information extracted in a recent article [SEE HERE] and when you couple those big donations with the information previously shared by James O’Keefe [SEE HERE], what emerges is a system of top-down money laundering.

(Via Fox) – A super PAC crowned as the primary outside committee backing President Biden’s re-election efforts has received large sums from a dark money nonprofit that has acquired tens of millions of dollars from a mysterious entity, Fox News Digital has discovered.

Biden and his confidants elevated the Future Forward super PAC as the central outside political fundraising vehicle to back his candidacy, the New York Times reported. Senior White House adviser Anita Dunn told the publication it “really earned its place as the pre-eminent super PAC” to support his 2024 efforts.

“In 2020, when they really appeared from nowhere and started placing advertising, the Biden campaign was impressed by the effectiveness of the ads and the overall rigorous testing that had clearly gone into the entire project,” Dunn said.

In recent years, The Future Forward PAC’s related nonprofit arm, Future Forward USA Action, has pushed tens of millions of dollars into the super PAC’s coffers while concealing its donors’ identities. These actions could continue during the 2024 cycle, which means the public would remain in the dark about major benefactors financially assisting the leading outside group backing Biden as the election draws closer. 

While Future Forward USA Action hides its contributors, Fox News Digital has discovered that a significant amount of its cash was passed through a web of dark money nonprofits overseen by the Arabella Advisors consulting firm, adding an extra layer of secrecy that further masks its original donors. One such Arabella-managed entity, however, appears to have flown entirely under the radar. It contains no online presence outside its incorporation records and tax forms.

The shadowy group, called the Impetus Fund, quietly formed in Washington, D.C., on July 1, 2020, records show. According to its tax documents, Ezra Reese, an attorney at the Elias Law Group, acts as the group’s president. Its board consists of three other individuals, including general counsel Saurabh Gupta, who is Arabella Advisors’ chief legal counsel and compliance officer, and secretary Andrew Schulz, who formerly served as general counsel of the Arabella-managed New Venture Fund but appears to have moved to the Adler & Colvin law firm.

During the 2020 election cycle, the Impetus Fund received $67 million from what appears to be a single anonymous donor, its tax forms show. It turned around and disbursed nearly all of its cash to a handful of nonprofits such as America Votes, Center for Voter Information, Vote Tripling Action Fund, ACRONYM and the Cooperative Impact Lab. (read more)

So large sums of money come into the network from a small group.  That money is then transferred through various mysterious entities into smaller groups, albeit still receiving large sums of money.   The smaller groups then need to launder the money into directed objectives and goals.

This is where James O’Keefe’s research starts to take on a context.

James O’Keefe uses publicly available FEC data to locate donors who are reported to have given thousands of donations to Act Blue.  However, the people listed on the FEC reports have no idea why there is a massive difference between the number, frequency and scale of their contributions, compared to their actual donations.  The differences are massive.

One of the possible explanations is that people inside ACT BLUE use previous organic donor activity to fraudulently launder donations that come from larger networks.

By breaking up large donations into smaller amounts, it gives the appearance of a larger support base (small donors) and washes the fingerprints away from the identity of the originating large donor, individual, group or institution.


What is the possible, perhaps most likely, source of the originating MASSIVE influxes of Biden cash?

But congress has their ‘top men’ on the money trail.