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The Last Refuge
The Last Refuge
2 Sep 2023

NextImg:Mississippi - Hinds County Board of Supervisors Highlights Democrat Party at Center of Recent Election Manipulation - The Last Refuge

This is very interesting and the ballot auditor in the presentation is very effective.  She held my attention throughout her entire time outlining all the details of the sketchy election that took place on August 8th.

Essentially the local democrat party officials said they were going to steal the election.  When a county wide audit was requested, the scale of how they conducted their stealing operation was revealed.   This is interesting because seven “counties” essentially determined the previous 2020 election.

MISSISSIPPI – Hinds County District 2 Supervisor David Archie claimed there was a “high-tech election heist with corruption as well as fraud” surrounding the Aug. 8 primary elections.  He lost to Anthony Smith, who, according to results from Hinds County election officials, won by 63% of the vote.

The supervisor just finished a ballot box examination this week.  Archie claims that the chairperson of the Hinds County Democratic Executive Committee, Jacqueline Amos, tampered with the elections.  The supervisor provided what he called evidence of her conspiracy correspondence. (link)