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The Last Refuge
The Last Refuge
15 Apr 2023

NextImg:"Envelopes" - Quint's Message to Donald Trump - The Last Refuge

I am a reasonably intelligent person, generally of mild and polite disposition; perhaps blessed by the grace of a loving God and brutally practical outlook therein, and with the acuity to look at things from a slightly less complicated perspective.

I have watched, viewed, read and consumed the Potemkin Village discussion across a broad spectrum of platforms for several weeks.  I have watched the news, read the headlines, researched the general promotions from a wide variety of sources and personalities.  Heck, yesterday, I even forced myself to watch a painful podcast [LINK], which included the insufferable pontifications of Buck Sexton and Clay Travis as they discussed the Trump -vs- DeSantis popular genre of domestic 2024 politics.

The world is full of small voices shouting the exact same shiny things in unison.  However, one thing is abundantly clear… everyone in conservative and republican politics is consumed by the 2024 puppet show and focused, to the exclusion of all other intelligent review, on the Potemkin Village of federal political constructs.

Let me be clear….  Nothing, not one single thing….  about candidates, debates, endorsements, media support, branding, imaging, leadership, effectiveness, policy, platforms or love of country matters in the 2024 election.  None of it matters.  The outcome of the 2024 presidential contest will be determined by ONLY ONE THING….

That’s it.

That’s the sum total of what matters.

Envelopes containing ballots.

Red envelopes -vs- Blue envelopes, and who can gather the most envelopes.   That’s it folks.  That’s the only thing that matters.

When Team Obama watch their opposition deciding on who is the best person to reach the “independent”, “middle”, or “swing voters”… as if voters really mattered, the David Axelrod’s, Marc Elias’s, David Plouffe and Barack Obama’s of the world laugh.  I mean straight up hysterically belly laugh.

More than half the country is still focused on a political pretense that is akin to using a flip phone in a smart phone world.

When the DNC sees the RNC focused on selecting the best congressional candidates who can be the best representatives for a district in Virginia… the entire mechanism of the donor class behind the DNC orders another round of drinks.

Debates don’t matter…. Did you forget Arizona 2022?   Katie Hobbs giggled when asked about why no debates.

Candidates don’t matter….  Did you forget Pennsylvania 2022?  When grunge clad, hoddie-wearing, John Fetterman promoted pancake syrup as the best solution to the Medicare crisis (or something equally as bat-shit crazy from his compromised mental state).

Rally size doesn’t matter….  Did you forget the Biden campaign audiences that could fit into one mid-sized SUV?

Qualifications do not matter.  Intelligence, policy, legislative accomplishments, executive experience, success or lack thereof in any life endeavor… NONE of this matters.

All of these former aspects of the political industry are gone, they have absolutely no bearing on the outcome of federal elections.

The only reason these insufferable discussions still exist is to maintain the illusion of a political business that generates money.   The business they are pretending to still exist is like Blockbuster video being subsidized by corporations who sell streaming services.  The media pretend the traditional business model of elections is still viable because without it, there is no need for them.

There is only one function of modern political industry that matters…  Collecting envelopes.  That’s it!

It doesn’t even matter whose name is on the paper inside the envelope.   The people who switched from Flip Phones to Smart Phones don’t even pay attention to the candidate names on the ballots any longer.  We elect dead people now.

The entire mechanism of American political outcomes is now one really simple process. There are Blue envelopes to locate, and there are Red envelopes to locate.  Tune in to the news in November of 2024 and find out which team collected the most envelopes.

♦ Dear President Donald Trump, go ahead and hold the rallies…. continue putting out the platform…. continue using your podium to promote vision, excitement and direction in the largest scale possible to save the nation.  Continue providing fuel for the cultural battle and primary battle being waged in the social media sphere by warriors for the MAGA movement….  However, in the totality of the 2024 presidential contest, this effort should be -at most- 20% of the industrial political campaign.

80% of the entirety of the money spent, the effort exhausted, the assembly constructed, the people and supporters assembled, should be focused – to the exclusion of all other things – on the process of maximizing envelope collection.

Make that paradigm shift, and 2024 is easily within reach.  Ignore it, and you might as well use a carrier pigeon to send your next email.

The RNC is no help.  The RNC is focused on EVERYTHING that doesn’t matter.

You cannot win an election if you rely on the RNC to make this adjustment.  You are going to have to organize this assembly on your own while enlisting the resources of the MAGA army.

The DNC already has the network of thousands of community activist organizations and business units at work in preparation for the 2024 envelope gathering operation.  They do not care about voters; the wants and needs of the people on the front of the envelope are an arcane annoyance, irrelevant to the DNC objective.

For the Republican presidential primary, whoever contracts Catherine Englebrecht and the coast-to-coast organization of True The Vote first, will likely win.

Book sales, TV ads, legislative accomplishments, rallies and crowd sizes, none of that matters.  Focus on collecting envelopes.

Enjoy your day…