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The Last Refuge
The Last Refuge
12 Aug 2023

NextImg:Eight GOP Candidates Meet Debate Qualifications - President Trump Unlikely to Attend - The Last Refuge

The debate qualifications are:

(1) Must have at least 40,000 unique donors, with at least 200 unique donors from each state. (2) Must reach at least 1% in three national polls that meet the RNC’s requirements or at least 1% in two national polls and in two polls from separate early voting states. (3) Must sign the RNC’s “Beat Biden pledge” – a commitment to back the eventual Republican nominee.

The candidates who have met the first two qualifiers are, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Doug Burgum, Chris Christie and somehow Mike Pence.

Trump, Christie and Pence have not signed the loyalty pledge.

Presumably donor threshold verification is a part of the RNC requirement to share donor information with the corporation in order to be considered a “Republican.”  It’s a little funny, in a revealing sense, that collecting donor information is a priority – but ballot harvesting, not-so-much.  Go figure.

• The DNC wants power. The RNC wants money.
• The DNC uses money to get power. The RNC use power to get money.
• The ideology of the DNC drives their corporate donor activity. The ideology of the corporate donors drives the RNC.

This is the essential difference in their corporate business models.  Other than that, on a policy perspective -much like the candidates within the corporation- they are the same. One big uniparty club; each subsidiary, DNC or RNC club division, with their own priorities.

Somehow, Mike Pence found 40,000 donors and 200 per state to put their names on a registration form and give him money.  At least that’s the RNC storyline and they are sticking to it.  The business end of UniParty politics has many base voters questioning just about everything now, and rightly so.  From my own review, it’s all suspect now.

The social and cultural ideology of the left-wing is clear; they are pushing ideology.  However, when you look at the right-wing corporate response, notice the focus is on money.  The left is pushing a cultural revolution; the right is seeking to gain money in (a) corporate alignment, or (b) velvet-gloved combat against it.

The leftist ideology advances. Notice there is no ideological pushback against the cultural revolution from Congress.  Why?… Money

Democrats know if they want to advance ideology, simply find a mechanism to pay Republicans.  Easy peasy.

♦ Ukraine.  IDEOLOGY: The agenda of the left-wing (Dems) is clear; they are pushing for an expanded totalitarian globalist agenda.  MONEY: The right-wing response to the Ukraine ideology, is money.  Congress funds the industrial military machine, the military contractors.  The contractors repay politicians.

The globalist ideology advances.  Notice, there is no ideological pushback against the White House and U.S. State Dept foreign policy from Congress.

Why?… money.

If you are an institution (or individual) and your enterprise needs power to advance your interests (think Big Tech), you align with Democrats.   If you are an institution (or individual) and your enterprise needs money to advance your interests (think Wall St), you align with Republicans.

The left-wing wants power to advance ideology. The right-wing wants money.  That’s why the Republicans never stop any of the Democrats’ ideological gains.

♦ Elections. IDEOLOGY: The ballot-harvesting agenda of the left-wing (DNC/dems) is clear; they have thousands of networked groups funded by donor activity (Zuckerbucks etc.), organized in every community to assemble ballots.  MONEY: The right-wing response is to see the opportunity for fundraising…. Meanwhile, a massive network known as True The Vote, Catherine Englebrecht, with an army of skilled voter integrity grassroots operations, easily retooled to a ballot collection network, sits untapped.

This is the nature of the system that distracts us.  Two wings of the same vulture. This is the inherent nature of U.S. politics in the big picture, and I can get as granular and specific as anyone might need – including the propositions for why club candidates are selected within the ‘illusion of choice’ game.

When asked the question of should President Trump debate the GOP contenders, it seems silly.  There is only one candidate with an America-First outlook to withdraw from foreign conflict, focus on the interests of American citizens first, build a self-sustaining Main Street economy, grow the domestic economy to meet entitlement needs, tax imports to incentivize domestic production, and control immigration with a border wall.

Donald Trump is the only candidate who holds those views, he’s essentially a third-party unto himself, so what is there to debate?