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Elizabeth Allen

NextImg:Watch: Jason Aldean Concert Goers Erupt as He Takes Stand Against Critics, Reasserts His Patriotic Stance

Esteemed country singer, Jason Aldean, addressed the barrage of criticism he has been receiving since the debut of his recent music video, “Try That in a Small Town.” Aldean’s remarks, initially made in jest during the week, have become a topic of serious discussion.

Aldean, an icon of the country music scene, commented on the week’s experiences, saying, “It’s been a long week, and I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I’ve seen a lot of stuff suggesting I’m this, suggesting I’m that.” These comments surfaced on various social media platforms, in response to the singer’s latest video.

On Tuesday, via Instagram, Aldean, now 46, firmly dismissed the idea that his new song, a hit since its radio debut in May, alluded to “race or points to it.” The video for the song only recently made its appearance.

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In the music video for “Try That in a Small Town,” Aldean makes a strong statement. He advocates that the kind of lawlessness and riots, which swept many of our nation’s cities in the summer of 2020, would not be tolerated in smaller towns.

As Aldean started to address the issue further, the crowd interrupted with boos. Undeterred, he went on to say, “Here’s the thing. I feel like everybody is entitled to their opinion. You can think something all you want to; it doesn’t mean it’s true – right?”

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In a robust demonstration of patriotism, Aldean stated, “What I am is a proud American. I’m proud to be from here. I love our country. I want to see it restored to what it once was before all of this nonsense started happening to us.”

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Aldean’s commitment to his country and family was clear as he declared, “I love my country, I love my family, and I will do anything to protect that – I can tell you that right now.”

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No sooner had Aldean finished his statement than the crowd began chanting “USA,” echoing the sentiments of many who value peace, law, and order.

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Whether one likes the song or not, one has to give credit to this singer for not bowing to the woke cancel culture and standing up for his first amendment right in this country.