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Randy DeSoto, The Western Journal

NextImg:Newly Released Jan. 6 Footage Exposes What Pelosi Did While Leaving the Capitol

Newly released surveillance footage from the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, shows then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter filming her mother’s evacuation from the building through a secure route.

Alexandra Pelosi later used the video she shot in her HBO documentary, “Pelosi in the House,” which was released in December, according to Just the News.

Real America’s Voice host and Just the News founder John Solomon thanked current House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for helping him gain access to the surveillance footage of Pelosi and Alexandra on Jan. 6.

“They wanted to make a movie out of this,” Solomon said on his program Thursday, while commenting on the newly released surveillance footage.

“They didn’t see this as a crisis moment. They saw this as a political movie moment. And as the security detail is doing the very serious job of evacuation, Nancy Pelosi and her team are basically turning this into a movie,” Solomon added.

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The footage Alexandra shot included portions of Pelosi’s evacuation route at the Capitol and movement to Fort McNair, a secretive Army post in the Washington, D.C., area.

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The video appeared in “Pelosi in the House.

Steven Sund, who was chief of U.S. Capitol Police at the time, told Solomon and his co-host Amanda Head, Alexandra’s filming of the evacuation was a distraction for Pelosi’s security detail.

“The protective detail isn’t there to protect media and whoever else was there with her for the sole purpose of videotaping creates a major distraction for the protective detail,” he said. “You know, they don’t train to protect those additional people.”

Sund further noted that there are a limited number of seats in the armored SUVs used to evacuate Pelosi from the Capitol.

Putting Alexandra in one meant one less member of the security detail could be present.

Sund also confirmed that he had requested Nation Guard presence on Jan. 3, 2021, but was denied by House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving and Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger, out of concern over “optics” of having the guard present.

“His concern for the optics, I believe, goes back to Pelosi’s statement that she referred to the federal agents and National Guard on the streets of America as ‘stormtroopers,’” Sund told Fox News in March.

“And I think she just didn’t want the look of stormtroopers up on the Hill,” he added, referring to a term Pelosi had used to describe federal officer the previous summer when then-President Donald Trump had them deployed in Portland, Oregon in response to riots.

“Trump & his stormtroopers must be stopped,” Pelosi tweeted in July 2020.

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Both Irving and Stenger resigned on Jan. 7, 2021, the day after the Capitol incursion.

Pelosi demanded Sund’s resignation that day, as well, citing a “failure of leadership at the top,” which he then tendered.

Sund told Fox despite his role as chief of the Capitol Police that he was never called to publicly testify before Pelosi’s House Jan. 6 committee.

“I think that they were concerned that it would begin to show what went on on the 6th, what went on in the days leading up the 6th, and what was the involvement of political leadership and their appointees,” he said.

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In addition to Sund, Solomon interviewed Kash Patel on Thursday, who was chief of staff to then-acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller on Jan. 6.

Patel agreed that it was not appropriate for Pelosi’s daughter to be filming her evacuation route from the Capitol on Jan. 6.

“Their judgment is based on what their judgment has always been, and that is the Hollywoodization and the politicization of the national security apparatus and politics when it suits them,” he said.

“This video, had it been done by me or say Devin Nunes or Donald Trump would have been excoriated for exposing national security secrets, safe passage exits and entry points.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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