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Steve Straub

NextImg:New Poll Shows What Democrats Think About Freedom And The Results Are Ugly

A recent survey by RealClear Opinion Research revealed a concerning divergence in views on free speech between Democrats and their Republican counterparts, as per a report illuminating the sentiment of Americans on freedom and censorship.

The poll’s director, Spencer Kimball, stated, “Overall, 9 in 10 voters in the U.S. think First Amendment protections for freedom of speech is a good thing, while only 9% think it is a bad thing.” He added, “This is agreed upon across demographics, like party affiliation, age, and race.”

However, despite a shared appreciation for the First Amendment, the ideological chasm becomes evident when considering government regulation of speech, showing the Democrats’ discomfort with unfettered freedom.

The study found an unsettling 34% of Democratic voters saying American citizens enjoy “too much freedom.”

In stark contrast, 46% of Republicans firmly believe Americans are in need of more freedom, while a mere 14.6% of them think there’s an excess of freedom.

The survey illustrated that only 22% of Democrats feel that Americans have too little freedom.

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It is critical to note the differences in stances on what speech should be legal.

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While 74% of Republican voters and 61% of independents staunchly believe that free speech should be lawful “under any circumstances,” only 53% of Democrats hold the same conviction.

Nearly half of the Democratic respondents, at 47%, believed speech should only be legal “under certain circumstances,” reflecting a cautious, if not restrictive, approach to the First Amendment.

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In the realm of media and social media, a consensus amongst Republicans, Democrats, and independents emerges, acknowledging that news outlets should freely report on stories of national significance without the overreach of censorship.

Yet, when it comes to the thorny issue of social media content censorship, especially for national security purposes, the divide resurfaces.

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About 52% of Democrats endorse the government’s move to censor social media content in the pursuit of national security, a notion that garners support from only one-third of Republicans and independents.

Furthermore, Democrats appear more inclined to support government intervention in the digital sphere with 75% of them believing in the government’s duty to curb “hateful” content on social media, while only 50% of Republicans share this viewpoint.

The data from RealClear Opinion Research illuminates a growing rift in the perception of freedom and free speech between the two major political factions in the United States.

While upholding the essence of the First Amendment is common ground, the divergent views on the government’s role in regulating speech and maintaining national security paint a picture of a nation grappling with the application and limits of freedom in the modern age.

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