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Johnathan Jones, The Western Journal

NextImg:Live Radio Broadcast Interrupted as Host Suffers 'Heart Issue' On-Air

A BBC Radio morning host had to leave in the middle of his show on Thursday after he suffered what he later called a “heart issue.”

David FitzGerald of BBC Radio Devon was 30 minutes into his broadcast when he expressed that something was wrong.

“I have to leave the studio now,” FitzGerald said calmly. “A great friend of mine is about to drive me to hospital. I am not feeling at all well.”

Fill-in host Michael Chequer took over and soon informed listeners that FitzGerald was feeling “a little bit under the weather,” according to Devon Live.

He added, “He is absolutely fine. We will keep you updated and let you know. He will be back with you ASAP.”

Little more was said about FitzGerald’s sudden departure until the host later posted on Facebook to update his followers.

“Just a little heart issue this morning, on the radio,” FitzGerald wrote.

The post was accompanied by an image of him in a hospital bed.

FitzGerald’s update was warmly received by hundreds of well-wishers.

One fan wrote, “Came as a surprise tuning into yesterday’s golden hour & not hearing your dulcet tones. Wishing you a speedy recovery Fitz.”

“Every warm and best wish,” another said. “You make my day on the morning show..not only a first rate presenter but also a Devon friend! You take care.”

One listener who had apparently heard the moment the host left the show commented on the seamless handoff from FitzGerald to Chequer.

“Wow that was so professional this morning!” the fan wrote. “Get some rest and above all get well soon. Sending love and hugs.”

It is not clear exactly what kind of cardiac issue FitzGerald suffered.

According to Devon Live, FitzGerald has been on the radio since 1980 and also began appearing on television in 1986.

He joined Sky News in 1994 and has covered events ranging from the O.J. Simpson murder trial to the war in Bosnia.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.