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Elizabeth Allen

NextImg:Entrepreneur Makes Millions Developing Subscription TV Channel for DOGS to Watch While Their Owners Are Away

Amidst a digital age where countless streaming services vie for our attention, one entrepreneur found a niche market that caters to man’s best friend.

Ron Levi, inspired by his own experiences and backed by extensive research, introduced DOGTV – a TV channel crafted specifically for the unique viewing habits of dogs.

Founded in 2012, DOGTV took off as a favorite among pet owners, particularly those who acquired dogs during the pandemic. With a monthly fee of $6.25, almost 400,000 pet owners have already subscribed, seeing the value in providing their furry companions with tailored visual and auditory stimulation when they’re away.

Originally inspired by creating YouTube playlists for his cat, Levi leveraged the expertise of scientists, researchers, and pet experts to design content specifically for dogs.

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Over the span of a decade, DOGTV has emerged as an indispensable tool for pet owners, releasing new programs weekly and categorizing them into themes like Relaxation, Exposure, Stimulation, and My DOGTV.

The channel undertakes rigorous editing, ensuring the colors pop for its colorblind audience, accompanied by engaging music and exotic locales. Over 50 academic studies informed the channel’s creation, revealing the distinct ways dogs engage with TV content.

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The insights? While dogs don’t indulge in binge-watching marathons like humans, they do exhibit genuine interest in television. This attention to detail even extends to the filming process, with DOGTV using traditional filming methods, but tailoring the final product to accommodate its unique viewers’ short attention spans.

Notably, the pandemic brought a surge in pet adoptions – 23 million households, as per a 2021 survey by the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. With many returning to work post-pandemic, DOGTV’s subscriptions shot up, with 388,000 new subscribers since mid-2020.

The channel astutely addressed a rising issue among new pets: separation anxiety. Custom programs now offer solace to anxious dogs left at home.

Jay Guagliardo, a DOGTV subscriber, testifies to its effectiveness: “Our one pup, Benny, has some major separation anxiety issues, and DOGTV has been a HUGE help. We especially love being able to choose from the library and customize the DOGTV experience.”

Similarly, Thomas appreciates the continuous play feature, contrasting it with YouTube’s interruptions, adding, “Peace of mind for my dog while I’m at work.”

But DOGTV isn’t solely for canine consumption. Levi strives for a balance in content, aiming for an 80-20 split that pleases both dogs and their owners.

He stated, “A hundred percent dog could mean showing a dog for 10 minutes — for five minutes because of the attention span — running from left to right with this white background; they don’t care if it’s a beautiful location in California.”

To make sure pet owners also like the content, DOGTV utilizes scenic views and variety of dynamic backgrounds.

Interestingly, Tufts University’s Professor Nicholas Dodman discovered that dogs watched DOGTV approximately 14% of the time – higher than viewership for Animal Planet and certainly more than for channels like CNN.

It is amazing the lengths pet owners will go to ensure the happiness of their four-legged family members.

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