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Rachel Emmanuel, The Western Journal

NextImg:Actress Says She Started Hearing Voices in Her Head Before Trying to Become a Man

Transgender Hollywood actress Ellen Page, who now refers to herself as male and goes by the name Elliot Page, recently revealed that she heard a voice in her head telling her to change her gender shortly before scheduling transgender surgery.

In an interview with LA Times, Page revealed the disturbing details of the episode, which took place in 2020 during a period of COVID isolation in a cabin in Novia Scotia after a recent breakup.

Page details how, one night, she tried to knock herself out by pounding herself “over and over until bruises formed.”

After the episode, the “Juno” and “The Umbrella Academy” star said she heard a voice telling her, “You don’t have to feel this way.”

“It was as if something in my brain turned around,” Page said. “The agonizing voice saying, ‘No, you’re not,’ ‘No, you can’t’ just switched and became very gentle and loving. ‘Oh, maybe I’m trans. Why don’t I explore that?’

Page said that within weeks after the episode, she scheduled a Zoom consultation with a doctor to discuss top surgery and, a month later, announced to her fans on the internet that her name was Elliot.

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From a Christian perspective, hearing about voices that lead someone to mutilate themselves begs the question, “Who, or what, did you hear?”

Is the transgender agenda demonic?
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However, it seems like no one is interested in finding out the answer to that question.

Buried in the article, however, there are clues to Page’s difficult childhood that may have led to her later episodes — if someone had cared to notice.

As a child actress, Page’s breakthrough role came in 2005 with the film “Hard Candy,” where, at only 15 years old, she portrayed a teenage vigilante on a mission to trap and punish a sexual predator.

An 2022 article in Vanity Fair praised Page’s acting in that movie, but it altered a 2005 reviewer’s quotes to substitute male pronouns and descriptors, even though Page’s role (and sexual identity at the time) was female: “Self-possessed to an astonishing degree, both as an actor and as the character, Page handles [his] enormous load of dialogue with adult-sized portions of emotion, insinuation and driving rage, not to mention an appreciation of sexual dynamics and consequences that repeatedly astonishes. The [actor] will be in great demand as soon as Hollywood sees this.”

In the LA Times interview, Page also described two incidents during her young career when, at the tender age of 16, she was “propositioned by a director and sexually assaulted by a grip,” abuse the actress said did not stem from her gender or sexual identity.

Did the doctor who scheduled Page’s “top surgery” weeks after a psychotic episode of self-harm, at the very least, refer her to a psychiatrist to dig deeper into these childhood episodes of hypersexualization and sexual abuse?

Of course not.

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Gender transition stories of celebrities like Page, which she shared with the LA Times as part of her book tour to promote her new memoir “Pageboy,” propagate the fallacy that gender dysphoria happens in a vacuum — that these are kids that are just “born that way.”

Yet, time after time, a little digging uncovers mental, emotional and possibly spiritual issues that have not had even a surface-level examination.

Pageboy” incidentally, was a $3 million book deal for the actress.

Transgender surgeries can cost upward of $100,000 in out-of-pocket costs.

It’s a demonic business.

But even worse, it’s built on the backs of disturbed young men and women and on convincing parents that paying for heinous double mastectomies of their 13-year-old girls is the “loving” thing to do.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.