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The Epoch Times
The Epoch Times
18 Mar 2023

NextImg:Woman credits traffic stop for suspected drunk driving that led to her lifesaving brain surgery

A woman who was pulled over for suspected drunk driving is crediting the traffic cops who stopped her and got her to the hospital in the nick of time. The driver was suffering from an undiagnosed brain tumor and emergency surgery saved her life.

On Dec. 2, 2022, police officers PFC Bret Aton and PFC Raymond Schoonmaker of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, responded to a report of a suspected drunk driver. The officers located the vehicle and observed the driver swerving between lanes and bumping the curb several times.

They signaled for the driver to pull over and met teacher, Tamara Palmer.

Tamara Palmer complains of a headache. (Courtesy of Mount Pleasant Police Department)

“Ms. Palmer did not have any indications of being impaired by alcohol or drugs,” Mount Pleasant Police Department (MPPD) shared on Facebook, alongside stills of the officers’ interaction with Palmer from a body camera. “While speaking to her, the officers realized she continuously complained of a headache. The officers determined that Ms. Palmer was possibly having a medical episode, and requested an ambulance.”

However, little did the officers know at the time, Palmer was having symptoms of an undiagnosed brain tumor. On Feb. 19, over two months after the traffic stop, Palmer contacted MPPD to share the whole story.

Once she was taken to the hospital, doctors located a brain tumor and rushed Palmer in for an emergency 8-hour surgery. She has since been discharged and is “doing great.”

(Courtesy of Mount Pleasant Police Department)

“Ms. Palmer feels that these officers absolutely saved her life,” MPPD wrote. “Without their quick analysis of the situation, the outcome could have ended differently.”

Netizens agreed, with one person commenting, “Great job recognizing this and not making assumptions about why she was acting that way. Y’all were her angels in disguise that day!”

“Thank you for being wonderful, thoughtful human beings! Hopefully other law enforcement officers will follow in your footsteps,” wrote another.

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