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The Epoch Times
The Epoch Times
8 Apr 2023

NextImg:'Do you believe in life after birth?': A tale of twins in the womb

Our “Tales of Wisdom” series aims to highlight important morals and inspire a cherishing of the age-old virtues that can uplift our souls and help us return to tradition. We hope you will enjoy reading this.

Somewhere, a pregnant mom’s blissful bump was carrying twin babies—Faith and Doubt. They were healthy and developing fast. One day, a sudden conversation sparked between the siblings.

Faith said: “Doubt, you know, I really believe in the idea of life after birth. What about you?”

(Illustration – CLIPAREA l Custom media/Shutterstock)

Doubt remarked: “What?! It would be good if you stop dreaming, Faith. There is nothing beyond this materialistic existence that you and I are perceiving right now. What life after birth? This is life, right now and here. There doesn’t exist anything called life after birth.”

Faith insisted: “I am sure there is something more out there that is even better and more beautiful than this existence. There will be birth and it will be soon … and there is life after birth.”

(Illustration – New Africa/Shutterstock)

Doubt criticized Faith yet again, saying: “Don’t be a fool, Faith. Be practical. Everything is finished after birth. There is nowhere to go after birth.

“I am scared to even think about the time of delivery. Look at that thing that you are holding in your hand right now. Isn’t it this cord that gives nourishment to us both? We can’t keep this cord after birth. All ends after delivery. No one has ever returned here after delivery. There is no life after birth, Faith.”

For a while Faith stared at Doubt, wondering how to wake up the lost sibling. It is important to tell the truth, after all.

(Illustration – SciePro/Shutterstock)

Faith said: “You know, Doubt. I think we should not have fear. We shouldn’t think that we need this cord after birth. I am sure there is something more there than just this cord. I believe we will move around freely and eat and live in an entirely different way. If life ends after delivery, tell me, what is the meaning of life in the womb?

“You know, Doubt, I also believe that there is Mother, and she will keep us safe.”

Hearing this, Doubt broke into a hysterical laugh and said: “What Mother?! There can’t be anything like that. Where is she now if you think she really exists? Have you seen her? I don’t believe what I don’t see with my eyes.”

(Illustration – zffoto/Shutterstock)

Faith assured: “Mother is there. Else how and why do we exist? Trust me. I always feel her loving compassion all around us. This warmth that we experience all the time, and those soft whispers and hums that we hear. Who is speaking to us then if not Mother? We are surrounded by Mother. We will meet her after birth. Then it will be all bright around us. There will not be darkness anymore.”

Doubt said: “Nonsense. I don’t trust any of this. There is no life after birth, no Mother, and no light. This darkness and this cord are the truth. Let me sleep now, you bothered me enough already.”

Faith said in a comforting voice: “Sleep well, Doubt. But soon, we both will open our eyes in a beautiful bright world and meet Mother. That day is coming near. I feel it every single moment.”

(Illustration – SciePro/Shutterstock)

Once again, there was silence in the womb. And time went on. Then came the day of delivery.

The about-to-be-born twins were naturally anxious about the “unknown” future.

Then suddenly being born into the world full of light, they squeezed their eyes shut and broke into cries. But when they felt that familiar warmth and heard that soothing whisper once again, they slowly opened their eyes and saw their beautiful Mother. They couldn’t help but gaze at her with their baby eyes wide open. “Oh, Mother is so beautiful,” their hearts exclaimed. “And she loves us unconditionally!”

Their innocent hearts knew they had unraveled the mystery: they were safe and had arrived Home.

(Illustration – Svetlana Satsiuk/Shutterstock)

Editor’s note: Multiple versions of this parable have been circulating on the internet for years. There doesn’t seem to be any clarity of the tale’s origins, but some have credited it to Henri J. M. Nouwen (1932–1996), and then Wayne Dyer (1940–2015) produced his own adaptation of it in his book “Your Sacred Self.” Here we brought you our version of the tale, in good faith. We hope you enjoyed it.

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