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The Epoch Times
The Epoch Times
10 Jun 2023

NextImg:After Trump Indictment GOP Must Build a ‘Resistance’


For decades we have heard the old Washington saying about our two political parties. The Democrats were the evil party, the Republicans the stupid party.

It was a nasty crack, but, basically, it fit.

Still, we lumbered along.

Until now.

With the multiple indictments of Donald Trump, the most recent ones from no less an authority than a special counsel appointed by the attorney general, the Democrats have borrowed the strategy of Stalin’s famous NKVD henchman Lavrentiy Beria who mordantly opined: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

Only the man in this instance was the huge front-running candidate of the opposite political party. How convenient.

Republicans were outraged. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said it was “dark day. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) said President Joe Biden, through his Justice Department, “has trampled the rule of law to benefit himself. He has led the country into profound danger.”

Others have opined similarly, including most of the candidates in the Republican field running against Trump for the nomination. I’m not even going to bother to express my feelings about those who didn’t.

Still, none of those candidates did much more than, like those in Congress, express the aforementioned outrage to the press.

Most talked the talk, but so far, none have done much walking.

The candidates are all still running. The senators and representatives are still doing nothing more than mouthing off (and sending endless emails and texts asking for financial support.)

Enough already.

It’s time for the stupid party to throw off the shackles of their name and stop being so dumb (or self-interested).

It’s already too late for anything approximating normal process—unless you prefer to live in a one-party state with a justice system weaponized against half its citizens.

Forget about complaining that Trump is being accused of “crimes” that have been performed, far worse, by Hillary Clinton and the Biden family, not to mention those who collude or instruct them in their behavior.

It’s way too late for that.

It’s time to steal something from the Left that they recently stole, nauseatingly, from history—“The Resistance,” aka “La Résistance,” that was adopted by brave Europeans in the fight against the Nazis.

We must resist.

We the constitutionally inclined people of the United States and the politicians we elect (for once) must put an end to what is happening to save our republic.

As someone said long ago, “If not now, when?”

How, you may ask?

Others will have more and better ideas, but here are just a few.

Some of these will sound excessive. In fact, I can’t believe I’m writing them because I am not, by instinct, an excessive person.

All will be hard to do. But the times are what they are.

We must start with non-compliance on as many fronts as possible. We the people cannot accede to totalitarian lawfare, which is in many ways more dangerous and effective than the violent kind. We have seen that during COVID-19.

To begin with, Republican presidential candidates should all stand down at this point and unite behind Trump until this is solved. It doesn’t matter what you think of him personally or of his policies. We are beyond that. This is about the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution.

Similarly, the GOP in Congress should go on what amounts to a strike. They simply should not show up until real change occurs and we return to the same rule of law.

The rest of us in the public have what may be a bigger role to play.

Obviously, we should demonstrate, on a mass, non-violent level. These demonstrations can take place in many shapes and forms. Use your imagination.

Simultaneously, we should, to the extent possible, stop paying our taxes. Tax rebellion is where the noble experiment of this republic began. It should be used to keep it alive.

In a sense, when I read back on this, it seems crazy. What are we doing? And yet … just what are we doing? Why are we here and for what purpose?

The founders of this great country had incredible ideals. Imperfect as they were, they had dreams that humanity could govern itself in a reasonable way. The system they devised had never been done before and, in any real sense, hasn’t been done since.

Those dreams are constantly under attack and now seem threatened from within in a fashion that is surpassingly ominous with echoes of communist regimes throughout the world.

We can stop it, or we can acquiesce. Unfortunately, it’s up to us.

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