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The Epoch Times
The Epoch Times
11 Feb 2023

NextImg:Attorney General Jeff Landry Calls Out the 'Weaponization' of the DOJ

During a recent interview, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said that he believes there has been a “weaponization” of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Landry made his comments during a Feb. 9 interview on “Capitol Report” for NTD, a sister media outlet of The Epoch Times hosted by Steve Lance.

Lance asked the state attorney general about his thoughts on a hearing held by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on the weaponization of the DOJ.

“Really, truly, we’re seeing an unsettling of our federal government. It is not operating as a government that serves the people—more like the attitude is the people serve the government,” Landry said about the DOJ. “We have seen the federal government basically sense the American Speech, that is part and parcel to the weaponization of the Department of Justice, if they can silence you, then they can force your particular conduct.”

The Louisiana law enforcement official told Lance it has been a concern of his for some time, and that he believes Jordan is a great person to investigate this problem: “There’s not a finer man in this country to lead those investigations than Jim Jordan. He’s an honorable person, he will get down to the bottom of it.

“So I applaud the House leadership and Jimmy for working to get into the bottom net,” Landry said. “And then it’s important not only to expose that to the American people, but then it takes some actions to build some parameters inside of [the] DOJ, the FBI, or other federal institutions, to ensure that they’re not able to turn those agencies against the American people.”

Lance also asked the attorney general’s opinion on President Joe Biden’s comments on police brutality during the State of the Union address on Feb. 7.

“You’re the top law enforcement official in your state, you also wore the badge yourself. What is the true situation in the police departments in your state and around the country?” Lance asked Landry.

“We all know that there are bad apples and all bunches; there are certainly bad lawyers, bad doctors, bad engineers. The list goes on. Everyone has bad professions,” Landry said. It’s important that you clean those up.”

The attorney general went on to cite incidents where officers operated outside the law, and were prosecuted, saying that the law worked and those officers went to jail: “But yet the mainstream media doesn’t portray that. They just want to paint the whole bunch of us as a bad bunch. And I think that’s unfair. And I also think it’s dangerous.”