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NextImg:Trailblazer of Women's Bodybuilding, Lisa Lyon, Succumbs to Cancer at 70 - The Conservative Brief

Lisa Lyon, a pioneering figure in women’s bodybuilding and a renowned Playboy model, tragically passed away at the age of 70 after a courageous battle with stomach cancer. This news was confirmed by TMZ and has left the fitness and entertainment world in mourning.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Lyon was a trailblazer in the world of bodybuilding, a sport traditionally dominated by men. She not only broke barriers, but also elevated the sport to an art form.

Her influence was so profound that she is believed to have inspired Frank Miller to create the Marvel Comics character Elektra, a testament to her enduring impact on popular culture.

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Lyon’s legacy extends beyond the realm of bodybuilding. In 1980, she penned a book titled ‘Lisa Lyon’s Body Magic,’ sharing her insights and experiences in the sport.

Her friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger, another titan of bodybuilding, further cemented her status in the industry. Schwarzenegger himself was quoted by TMZ as saying, “Lyon is the best – I love her.”

In 2000, Lyon’s contributions to the sport were recognized when she was inducted into the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Hall of Fame.

According to GreatestPhysiques.Com, she was described as ‘a one-woman media-relations activist on behalf of the sport and elevating bodybuilding to the level of fine art.’

Lyon’s talents were not confined to bodybuilding alone. She also had a successful modeling career, working with renowned photographers such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, and Joel-Peter Witkin.

Mapplethorpe’s 1983 book ‘Lady, Lisa Lyon’ is considered one of her most memorable works. The book features Lyon in a series of photographs that challenge traditional gender norms, showcasing her femininity alongside her muscular physique.

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In the 1980s, Lyon also ventured into acting, appearing in three films. Her profile had risen significantly following her work with Playboy, making her a recognizable figure in the entertainment industry.

Despite her passing, Lisa Lyon’s legacy lives on.

She was a pioneer who challenged societal norms and paved the way for future generations of female bodybuilders. Her life serves as a testament to her strength, both physical and mental, and her unwavering determination to redefine the boundaries of what women can achieve.