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Mark Steyn
21 Oct 2023
Mark Steyn

NextImg:A Can of Worms: "A Disgrace to the Profession"

In today's episode, narrated by Melissa Howes, we hear from Professor Ulrich Cubasch, PhD:

In my view, the present debate about Michael Mann's diagram is actually an expression of a healthy scientific discussion. Whoever questions the curve does not have to be a climate skeptic. My team of researchers is also working on the curve. I had set one of my PhD students the task to replicate Mann's work. Quite soon, she came to the conclusion that she cannot reproduce his diagram. We strove to look deeply into it – and promptly found a can of worms...

As a reminder, Mann first sued Mark and others in 2012. Then, the other parties decided to take the Slow Boat to (In)Justice by appealing the immediate appealability of SLAPP rulings all the way to the US Supreme Court. Mark didn't bother with all that procedural nonsense and instead focused on preparing for trial...

Thanks to the generosity of our readers - we were able to hire a researcher and compile these "exhibits" as it were of what scientists - "people with PhD after their names" (as Mann pal Ed Begley Jr. calls them) - actually make of Mann's "hockey stick" graph. These "exhibits" were then compiled and published in "A Disgrace to the Profession".

This audio version is now being made available to members of the Mark Steyn Club through nightly episodes leading up to trial - currently scheduled to begin in just a little over a weeks' time.

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