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29 Apr 2023
By Kelly McClure Nights & Weekends Editor

NextImg:"You're welcome over here": Mike Lindell extends job offer to Tucker Carlson

After being ousted from Fox News at the top of this week, the internet has been buzzing with speculation as to where Tucker Carlson will end up next, and the possibilities are a mixed-bag.

On Friday, Mike Lindell presented one option, revealing on an episode of The Lindell Report that he'd already reached out to extend a job offer.

"Hey, you're welcome over here at Lindell TV and Frank Speech," he said, recounting a text he'd sent the pro-Trump free agent. "We'd love to have [him] here as part of our team."

A similar offer was sent to Dan Bongino, who also recently parted ways with Fox.

As Salon writer, Amanda Marcotte, pointed out this week in her commentary on Carlson's firing, "little is known about why, exactly, Tucker Carlson left his hosting gig at Fox News, except that the Monday morning announcement was startlingly abrupt."

The "why" of it all began to take shape in the days following his departure after news broke that Fox had a file on the former host containing "complaints regarding Carlson's workplace conduct, allegations that he created a toxic workplace environment and disparaging comments Carlson made about his colleagues and managers."

Fox executives learning of "damning texts discovered in Dominion Voting Systems' defamation lawsuit that were not publicly released" have recently proven to be the more likely cause. 

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Amidst all of this, Carlson released a video statement to address all the hubbub. Sort of. He mostly just called everyone "brain dead" and "stupid."

"When honest people say what's true, calmly and without embarrassment, they become powerful," Carlson said. "At the same time, the liars who have been trying to silence them shrink. They become weaker. That's the iron law of the universe: true things prevail."

Lindell says his job offer is "an open invitation." There has been no word, yet, on the part of Carlson as to whether or not he's considering the offer.

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