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Red State
Red State
1 Apr 2023

NextImg:WATCH: Transgender Militant Violently Attacks Man, Police Blame the Victim for His Own Assault

Militant transgenderism has become a lot more visible over the last week after a transgender man killed six people, including three children at a Nashville Christian school on Monday.

Astonishingly, in the wake of that tragedy, the mainstream media and the White House have been hard at work trying to make the “transgender community” out to be the real victims. Just days after the shooting, multiple state capitol buildings were stormed by left-wing activists, including transgender activists. The Biden administration then spent all of Friday plugging “Trans Visibility Day” while largely ignoring the victims in Nashville.

Meanwhile, militant transgenderism continues to get more violent. In Canada, a counter-protester was assaulted by a transgender woman (i.e. a man). That would be bad enough, but it’s the police response that is truly mind-blowing and scary.

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If you can’t watch the video, and I’d recommend you not given the language being used, what it contains is a man standing around doing nothing but filming while wearing a sign. The crowd begins to chant “f*** you” in his face, with one transgender activist getting especially close. Then, out of nowhere, that transgender activist starts assaulting him and trying to grab his camera.

According to reports, police not only did nothing, but they later bragged on camera about it, claiming that the victim had incited the attack.

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Nowhere in the video is the victim “screaming” at the transgender activists. But even if he did so prior, how does that excuse a violent assault? I know Canadian laws aren’t the same as American laws, but I’m pretty sure assault remains a pretty straightforward crime in the Great North. If you physically attack someone, it doesn’t usually matter if they hurt your feelings beforehand. Yet, the cop in question smugly stands there refusing to do anything.

This is just another example of the absurd ongoing attempt to make the increasingly hostile transgender lobby out to be victims. These people are not victims. They are deranged, mentally-ill individuals trying to force their delusions on everyone else under the threat of violence. The White House should be calling that out instead of celebrating it.

Ask yourself where this all leads. How will normal people react when pampered, politically connected groups of transgender activists continue to assault their way of life, including physically? I’d suggest that leads nowhere good.

This isn’t about hate. It isn’t about forcing transgender people to live a certain way. What it’s about is a basic respect for objective reality. Men can’t become women, and it is not inciting violence to say that, nor is that an excuse for violence anyway. Something better change soon because these tensions are only growing.