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Red State
Red State
3 Jun 2023

NextImg:WATCH: Democrat House Member Goes on Profanity-Filled Tirade Against Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis continues to trigger all the right people, and his latest conquest was Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-FL). While attending a Paramore concert in Washington, DC, Frost was called up on stage, at which point he launched into a profanity-filled tirade against the 2024 presidential candidate.

In the video, shot by someone in the audience, slow ballad-style music plays as the band’s leader singer promotes Frost as “the first Gen Z congressman” before inviting him up. He then bounces around the stage, soaking up the spotlight for a minute before being asked if there’s anything he would like to say.

Out of the millions of possibilities, this is all Frost’s big brain could muster.

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I’ll admit to not being familiar with Paramore, as I tend to gravitate toward good music, but a quick search reveals that the lead singer is not a fan of the current Florida governor. Just days prior to Frost’s antics, she lashed out at fans who might be thinking of voting for DeSantis, saying that if they did so, “you’re ******* dead to me.”

“But I did see someone say that they wished I felt more comfortable talking politics on tour,” Williams told the crowd. “Well, I’ll be happy to tell you, I’m very f**king comfortable talking politics. I just, yeah. If you vote for Ron DeSantis, you’re f**king dead to me. So is that comfortable enough for anyone?”

Back to Frost, though, what does it say about Generation Z that he’s their first representative and the best he can muster is not understanding what fascism is? Here’s a tip from someone whose understanding of history goes further than listening to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speak. It is not fascism to stop the sexualization of children. It is certainly not fascism to not populate public school libraries with gay porn and books on how to use LGBT hookup apps. It’s not even fascism to remove Disney’s special tax privileges over the company’s own sexualization of children.

You see, all of that is called the fruits of representative democracy. If parents don’t want their children sexualized, they have a right to stop it. Yet, Democrats have positioned themselves to die on the hill of teaching children they can change their gender and how to perform oral sex while in elementary school. It’s a development that would have seemed insane just a decade ago, yet here we stand.

Further, describing basic protections for children in a free country as “fascism” undermines the true evils of an ideology that oversaw the genocide of the Jewish people. Does Frost believe DeSantis is Hitler? If so, what actual evidence can he provide of such? Or is shouting expletives at a Paramore concert the extent of his intellectual heft?

Naturally, because almost no one is capable of admitting a mistake in the current political environment, Frost doubled down.

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Isn’t he so brave? Where would we be without courageous people like this representing our government? Willing to go up on stage in front of a left-wing audience to profanely slander a politician he doesn’t like. It’s simply breathtaking.

Seriously, though, I hate all of this. Call me a prude, but I’d like for politicians to retain some basic respect for common decency in how they address one another. Policy attacks are fair game, but what Frost did was yet another escalation we don’t need. It’s also the stuff of a mental midget.

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