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Red State
Red State
1 Jul 2023

NextImg:Tucker Carlson Goes There on Transgenderism, and Nails Some Uncomfortable Truths

Tucker Carlson is back with another episode of his ongoing Twitter series, and this time he dove into the topic of transgenderism. Specifically, Carlson zeroed in on US Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine, the “trans-woman” who recently proclaimed this to be a “summer of pride” from his official perch.

Yes, apparently 30 straight days of rainbow flags and public indecency isn’t enough. We are now expected to dedicate four months to the absurdity that is the idea of “pride.”

So why is the Assistant Secretary of Health promoting “pride month” in the first place? What does that have to do with the job he ostensibly holds? That’s a good question. Here’s Carlson’s take.

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Happy summer of pride. Rick Levine is so darn proud, he’d like to tell you about all summer and possibly into the fall. He’s got a lot to be proud of. What specifically you ask? Well, strangely he doesn’t say, nor does he mention his former wife and children. He doesn’t tell us whether they’re proud too. Since none of them have been invited onto the Today Show to talk about their feelings, we’re gonna have to guess.

This is what the “goes there” in my headline is all about. Lost in so much of the fight over transgender ideology are those caught in the crossfire. Families, sometimes including children, are torn apart by the selfish mental delusions of a single person. Worse, those families receive no sympathy from the broader culture. They are given no fawning interviews to express their pain. Instead, they have to suck it up while those in power assert that what their loved one is doing is good and must be affirmed. To not do so means you are a “bigot.”

You see, in our completely backward societal moment, the feelings of a middle-aged man suffering from mental illness are to be prioritized and affirmed, not those of the children he left behind. With that said, given Levine’s political background (his ex-wife is a mental health director at a major university), I’m sure his family would say it’s all been great. Color me skeptical, though. One’s father doesn’t “transition” into a “woman,” divorcing their mother two years later, without it having a profoundly negative impact.

Carlson continued from there.

Here’s a fat guy in a Halloween costume who somehow became the federal health minister. Not too long ago, this same man was a married pedestrian with kids, lecturing about eating disorders at Penn State. Now he’s emerged as a pathbreaking lady admiral with medals on his chest, and he did all that without winning a single naval battle or even being female. Pretty inspiring.


So actually, now that we are saying this out loud, it’s pretty clear that Rick Levine has no interest in liberating you from anything. This is not about liberation, it’s just the opposite. It’s just another religious war, the same as all the others. People who think they’re God vs. everybody else.

In primitive civilizations, which would include every civilization since the beginning of time until ours, people assumed there were rules, rules that no human being made, but that people could ignore only at their peril, at great risk. Some called these rules nature or natural law, or even as societies advanced theology. But most of the time, people didn’t call them anything. They didn’t have to. There wasn’t a debate about whether the rules were real. People assumed there were consequences to pretending you were God.

Carlson arrives at the core issue surrounding the transgender issue, noting that for all of human history, people believed the evidence-based notion that sex and gender are inherent qualities and unchangeable. Only in the last decade has opposition to that idea not only become mainstream but has been promoted from the highest levels of power on the planet. Further, you are expected to agree or be shunned. Heck, you might even end up fired from your job for not using someone’s “preferred pronouns.”

In the end, Carlson nails the uncomfortable truth behind the entire transgender movement. It is built on the notion of being one’s own god, with the ability to even warp objective reality for personal (often short-lived) satisfaction. That’s not sustainable for any society.