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Red State
Red State
24 Feb 2024

NextImg:Taylor Lorenz Interviews Libs of TikTok, Legendary Troll Ensues

Continuing on the theme of everything being nuts in 2024, Taylor Lorenz scored an interview with Chaya Raichik, the person behind Libs of TikTok. 

For years, the two have sparred online, with the former describing the latter as some kind of domestic terrorist. What has been Raichik's great sin? She's dared to highlight the degenerate lunacy of the modern left, specifically surrounding transgenderism and children. 

Oh, you don't think a man can become a woman or that "drag queens" should twerk in thongs for minors? Well, you might just be a "bigot."

Getting to the interview, try to count the number of absurdities in this short clip.

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Normally, I'd try to transcribe some of an exchange I'm analyzing, but I'm not going to bother. It's the typical Taylor Lorenz nonsense where she accuses a political rival of inciting violence without any direct evidentiary basis. According to this brilliant example of modern "journalism" (and much of the broader far left), simply pointing out the irrationality of affirming mental illness is no different than grabbing a gun and pulling the trigger. 

With that said, you don't even have to listen to what Lorenz says during the exchange to form a solid judgment. I'll point out that it's February 2024, and she's still wearing a mask. She's not just wearing a mask, though. She's wearing a mask while outside. That takes a special form of mental delusion, which Lorenz has in spades. This is a woman who was complaining just a couple of months ago that the "unmasked" had caused her to have to miss Christmas. 

In other words, she's crazy. 

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Credit to Raichik for giving the interview anyway, as it's always better to confront these people than to ignore them. Further credit to Raichik for executing a legendary troll in the process.

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The picture on the shirt is from an infamous MSNBC interview in which Lorenz had a breakdown over the harassment she supposedly receives online. The irony of that became immediately clear given Lorenz's entire existence centers on harassing people online. If you can't take a punch, you probably shouldn't be throwing them, but the left is full of paper tigers.

Lorenz took the interview with Raichik and produced the following.

Since her appointment, Raichik has sought to pull books depicting gay and transgender people, as well as sex education, from public school libraries, saying she has found “porn” in various districts. But her growing role in the state has drawn greater attention since Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old nonbinary student, collapsed and died the day after a Feb. 7 fight in a girls’ bathroom at Owasso High School in suburban Tulsa. Family members said Benedict had been bullied for months for being openly nonbinary.

Owasso Police Lt. Nick Boatman said Friday that Benedict did not die as a result of physical trauma, according to preliminary information from the medical examiner, and that the department is awaiting the results of toxicology testing to determine the cause of death. 

Of note is that Lorenz doesn't offer an actual rebuttal to the idea that the books being pulled contain pornography. That's probably because they do, with "Gender Queer" being the most visible example. Having lost that argument by not even making one, Lorenz then moves to citing the death of an Oklahoma teenager, which was initially blamed on "transphobia." Police have found no evidence to back that theory. 

You get the idea. Lorenz is a rigid ideologue and a very pathetic one at that. She's become the butt of jokes (and trolls) not because people are being unfair to her but because her own ruthless bullying has put her in that position. She must have something really good on the executives at the Post to stick around.