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Red State
Red State
18 Nov 2023
Nick Arama

NextImg:Soccer Association Refused to Hold Moment of Silence for Attack on Israel, But Teams Had Perfect Response

It's hard to imagine people who can't come together to condemn the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel. 

We saw that the UN was so full of anti-Israel folks that they refused even that basic humanitarian gesture. They knew they would face anger from various countries if they did it, so they couldn't bring themselves to do the right thing. Yet, they passed without trouble a resolution calling for a ceasefire that would help the terrorists. That's how screwed up the UN is. 

But it isn't only the UN with a twisted approach to the issue. 

The Union of European Football Associations refused to hold a moment of silence regarding the October 7 attack. And shame on them for being such cowardly people. 

So when Israel's and Poland’s under-21 national soccer teams played a match in Lodz, Poland, on Friday, they figured out a way around the refusal of the governing body. The members of the teams had a moment at the beginning of the game, sanctioned or not. 

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Both sets of players stood in silence after the referee blew his whistle to start the game and no action took place for the opening minute. The players remained in their formational positions rather than congregating in a line for traditional pre-match tributes and there was silence around Stadium LKS.

Poland ended up winning the game, 2-1. 

There has been no public comment as yet from the UEFA on the actions of the players. Hopefully, they were shamed into understanding how bad the governing body's actions were. 

A great action by all the players to take the initiative to deal with the bad move by the UEFA. That's true sportsmanship from the Polish team. They show, in this case, that those "under 21" have more morals and sense than the supposedly mature adult governing body. 

I thought it all the more interesting and maybe even more appropriate, given the history of Lodz. Lodz was where the Nazis established the second-largest Jewish ghetto in 1939 after they invaded Poland. They put the Jews and Roma in the ghetto, where they used them for forced labor. Many thousands of people had to endure horrible conditions, crammed into a small area, surrounded by barbed wire and Nazi guards. Many died because of the harsh conditions from overwork and little food. Then, in 1942, the Nazis began deporting the people out to the death camps. 

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