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Red State
Red State
24 Feb 2024
Mike Miller

NextImg:Say It Ain't So, Joe! Majority of Hispanic Texans Back State Building Own Wall, Sending Troops to Border

Years before Joe Biden intentionally created the illegal alien crisis, Democrats believed that if they could import a sufficient number of future Democrat votes, they could secure a permanent majority in America.

So, in 2016, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump comes along and pledges to build a wall along the southern border. The Democrats scoffed at the idea, let alone the chances of Trump winning the presidency. Welp, Trump did win and he did begin to build that wall — sending Democrats into fits of apoplectic rage. "Now, what?" — they seethed, along with their liberal media lapdogs.

Welp, the "Now what?" turned out to be Joe Biden winning the 2020 election, and as he had promised throughout his basement campaign, he all but installed northbound-only people-movers along the southern border and hired a welcoming mariachi band to play, inviting as many illegals into the country as could scurry across the Rio Grande. 

Three years later, that "scurrying" has become an illegal alien invasion with no end in sight.

That invasion has become the top concern of voters across America. While Biden and the Democrats would have low-information people believe that only white Americans oppose so-called "migrants" flowing into the country at a record clip, the results of a new poll conducted by The Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas in Austin will rock the Democrats' world — and I don't mean in a good way.

The gist of the poll: 

A majority of Hispanic Texas voters support the state building its own border wall, constructing additional barriers along the Texas-Mexico border, and sending troops to the border.

Here's more (emphasis, mine):

The majority of Hispanic voters, 56%, support Texas building its own border wall and repairing walls or physical barriers at its border with Mexico, according to the University of Texas/Texas Politics Project poll. By comparison, 34% oppose it.

Another 42% of Hispanic voters support Texas installing buoys and barbed wire at the Rio Grande River to block illegal entry, compared to 49% who don’t.

Overall, 65% of all Texas voters said they support Texas building its own wall and barriers compared to 28% who oppose it. And 57% support Texas installing marine buoys in the Rio Grande River compared to 36% who don’t.

Two-thirds of respondents – 66% – said they support deploying additional state police and military resources to the border, compared to 27% who oppose it.

Among them, a majority of Hispanic voters, 51%, support it.

A majority of Hispanic voters, 56%, also disapprove of President Joe Biden’s handling of immigration and border security, compared to 26% who approve.

Oops, Joe. What happened, man?

What happened was a majority of Hispanic Americans came into this country legally. Many built careers, opened businesses, raised families, and now enjoy the lifestyles they live.

What also happened, which began big-time in 2018: 

Hispanic voters (and other minorities) are increasingly shifting to the Republican Party. While Democrats continue to be shocked by this reality, it's only logical that, given my prior paragraph, a growing percentage of Hispanic Americans are opposed to Biden's illegal alien invasion of the country they love, let alone bottomless handouts — compliments of Joe and the Democrat Party.

Here's more:

During the [2022] midterm elections, a poll identified three regions in Texas where Hispanic voters were leaning more Republican including in South Texas, the Rio Grande Valley, and outer suburbs of Texas’ four largest cities where minorities are disproportionately impacted by border and cartel related crime.

Part of the shift [to the] right can be attributed to the efforts of Project RedTX, which has been recruiting and supporting candidates at the local level since 2018. It was founded at a time when numerous Texas counties that historically voted Democrat were shifting right but few Republicans were elected locally or even filed to run for office. That changed after more Republicans ran for office and won in 2018 in historically Democratic districts.

The real problem for the Democrat Party concerning the support of Hispanic and other minority voters is that the above reality is happening across the country (as noted in my previous link). 

While "the rest of the story" remains to be written, Joe Biden's intentionally caused illegal alien invasion might end up not only blowing up in his face come November, but it might very end up blowing up in the face of the Democrat Party as a whole in the future, as Hispanic and other minority voters — fed up with Democrat politics — continue to shift to the right.


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