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Red State
Red State
29 Apr 2023
Susie Moore

NextImg:RedState Weekly Briefing: The Tucker-Fox Breakup, Fella Flacking Makeup, Bud Light Starts to Wake Up

Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication!

#1 – Fox News Braces for Impact: Tucker’s Departure Already Causing Trouble for the Network — by Jeff Charles

The network may see a huge decline in viewership without Carlson’s strong presence. As the network’s top-rated prime-time host, Carlson had a dedicated following of viewers who tuned in to hear his controversial and provocative perspectives on current events. His departure could easily lead to some of his loyal viewership seeking out alternative conservative voices on other networks or platforms.

Secondly, Fox News may face challenges in filling the void left by Carlson. To put it simply, it will be nearly impossible to replace him with a personality that could match his contributions to the network. As a prominent figure in conservative media, Carlson had a unique style and approach that resonated with his audience. The interim show, “Fox News Tonight,” helmed by rotating personalities, may struggle to establish a consistent following and maintain the same level of influence that Carlson had.

#2 – Possible Reasons for Tucker Carlson’s Departure From Fox News Start to Come Into View — by Bonchie

Speculation as to why Carlson exited the network so quickly has already begun. Many are suggesting that some provision in the Dominion lawsuit demanded it, but that seems unlikely given Carlson was planning to be on air until this happened. Still, the Dominion lawsuit is likely the catalyst in other ways.

As RedState reported, Fox News recently settled a defamation claim brought by the voting system company for $787 million. Just a day prior to that, I had written that big changes were no doubt coming to the network given how bleak things looked.

The long and short of this is that Fox News is in a lot of trouble. The amount of money they could be required to pay out if they lose at trial could cripple the network, and there’s no guarantee that Dominion will give them the out of a lower settlement. Wherever this goes, you can probably bet that big changes are coming to Fox News in the future.

#3 – Cosmetic Company Decides to Commit Corporate Suicide, Facing Boycott Because of Partnership With Dylan Mulvaney — by Nick Arama 

The boycott of Maybelline is just starting so we’ll have to see what kind of an effect it might have. Bud Light had a lot of folks on the right in its customer base before it decided to go woke. Maybelline is mostly older women, so just like with Bud Light, I can’t see the customer base finding this an appealing draw. Perhaps, as with Bud Light’s marketing VP Alissa Heinerscheid, Maybelline thinks this is a way of appealing to younger people. But you don’t do that by alienating the base, and I don’t see why this would cause a ton of younger folks to flood to Maybelline anyway. Talk about another bad marketing move. Exactly who wants to look like a man in make-up? Is that what they are telling women is appealing? Because I assure them, women aren’t going to agree.Why not just make a good product that celebrates real women?

#4 – Bud Light Puts Another Exec on ‘Leave of Absence,’ Takes More Action in Bid to Get Customers Back — by Nick Arama 

Again, someone on this Bud Light team isn’t thinking clearly. The problem isn’t going to be solved by talking to some D.C. consultant. Listen to what the American people who are your customers are saying: it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Bring in some of your former customer base and let them talk to you for a bit. Understand what it is they’re saying to you.

Former Anheuser-Busch executive Anson Frericks explained it in simple terms on “Fox and Friends,” saying they can’t count on Americans forgetting about this. He said they needed to go back to being apolitical and say, “We’re not going to get involved in the environmental social governance movement because that’s not what the customer wants.” Frericks said the company is going to have to decide “who it’s going to be accountable to.”

#5 – MUST WATCH: Body Language Expert Figures out Exactly What Bud Light VP Was Thinking With Her Mulvaney Marketing Mess — by Kira Davis 

Without giving away too much of BLG’s brilliant commentary, in a nutshell, Heinerscheid is exhibiting the same type of behavior found in some cults. What is her particular cult? As it turns out, the Bud VP has herself a “professional coach.” As BGL describes it,

“This is someone she pays to tell her what to think, what beliefs she has, what is right and wrong. She’s looking off camera to remember exactly what her professional coach, technically we should all call it her ‘handler,’ has told her.”

As the video progresses, BGL drops some pretty provocative revelations about Heinerscheid’s decision-making process as evidenced in the hidden language of her body, not the words of her mouth. BGL points out that when speaking of her professional coach, she becomes animated, shifting her posture to a straighter, higher position, indicating she holds her “handler’s” ideas in higher esteem than her own. When shifting back into expressing her own thoughts or personal experience, Heinerscheid’s body language shrinks and retreats.

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