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Red State
Red State
2 Dec 2023
Susie Moore

NextImg:RedState Weekly Briefing: Newsom Slimery, Deadspin Sophistry, Biden Senility, and Arboreal Wokery

Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee — or, hey, since we've entered into winter/holiday time, hot chocolate — and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication!

#1 - Here Are Jennifer Newsom's Disgusting Comments About the Employee Gavin Had an Affair With While SF Mayor — by Jennifer Van Laar

Siebel Newsom also joined online groups of Weinstein victims, where the women spoke openly. When she was found out, she claimed that she was just trying to help people and that "no good deed goes unpunished."

Aside: It looks like Siebel Newsom's gaslighting skills are right up there with her husband's.

At that time I wrote about it in a piece headlined: "Jennifer Siebel Newsom Is the Worst Kind of 'Feminist." And she is, as we're about to see.

As I was looking into exactly what was said and done around the time in 2007 when Gavin Newsom admitted to having an affair with his appointments secretary, Ruby Rippey-Tourk, who was also his then-best friend's wife, and allegedly admitted to having an alcohol problem and going to rehab I stumbled upon what Siebel Newsom had to say about the affair and the woman involved - and it's not pretty. Her words are gaslighting, manipulation, and victim-blaming on a grand scale, possibly even eclipsing the gaslighting her husband has attempted on the people of California for the last six years.

#2 - WATCH: The Shocking Moment Ron DeSantis Ended Gavin Newsom — by Bonchie

Holy crap. They could have just cut to black at that point and played a Hannity re-run because DeSantis effectively ended Newsom. It's one thing to nail someone with facts and figures, and that was certainly done. But it's a whole different level to have Newsom's father-in-law used as a source for how much better Florida is than California. I'm pretty sure Christmas dinner is going to be awkward this year. 

That's not to say Newsom didn't desperately try to showcase his patented slickness in the debate. Throughout the night, he did his best to use his slimy demeanor to effortlessly spew falsehoods. DeSantis was ready to nail him in nearly every instance, though. The idea that the Florida governor isn't a good debater has been completely dispelled. Perhaps Newsom was too overconfident, believing he could just walk in and dominate, or perhaps being prepped by Nikki Fried (yes, that happened) wasn't the best decision.


#3 - Deadspin Writer Who Falsely Accused a Child of 'Blackface' Has His Old Tweets Resurfaced, and Hoo Boy — by Bonchie

There's a word for someone who claims other people are doing something they themselves are guilty of. It's called projection. While the kid wearing facepaint at an NFL game wasn't actually doing anything racist, Phillips' own words smack of it. How else can you describe someone who sees white people on the street and thinks it's "concerning." 

Intersectionality rots minds. It serves as an outlet for bigotry wrapped in a facade of being against it. It provides cover for actual racists. How mentally deranged does someone have to be to plaster a kid's face on the internet because he wore face paint at a football game? But that's what Phillips did because his worldview is so hopelessly narrow. I'd tell Deadspin to do better, but we all know that isn't going to happen.  

#4 - Joe Biden Suffers Severe Confusion Over Donald Trump, and That Was Just the Beginning — by Bonchie

Why? Why keep putting him out there, when they know he's going to fall all over himself like this? At what point in the last three years did Biden provide any evidence he could successfully read a teleprompter and not stumble all over himself? It's one thing to go out there and gaslight about the economy. Almost all presidents do that to some degree or another, but the current president isn't even capable of doing that.

I guess it's a good thing that Biden is so senile that none of his lies pass muster, but it's also a blackeye on a nation that relies on the projection of strength to maintain its place in the world order. What is strong about not being able to even read a teleprompter? 

Rest assured, though, those two instances were not his worst flubs. That is reserved for Biden's chastizing of "Congressman Trump."

#5 - Woke Christmas Tree Farm in Virginia Posts Shameful Antisemitic Message on Welcome Sign — by Teri Christoph

Cox Farms is located in Centreville, Virginia, which is in the liberal mindhive of Fairfax County. The land on which Cox Farms has resided for over 50 years was once owned by George Washington's friend, Lord Fairfax, who assumed control of land long inhabited by the Dogue Indian tribe. So, you could say that the owners of Cox Farms are themselves colonizers who ruthlessly promote their own brand of white supremacy and commit injustice every day they inhabit that land. Shame on them.

Leftists can't even let apple picking, hay rides, and Christmas tree shopping be enjoyable and family-friendly. They have to suck the fun out of absolutely everything because they want everyone to be as joyless as they are; luckily for the moral, right-thinking people who remain in the Northern Virginia area, there are plenty of beautiful Christmas tree farms where you can get a Christmas tree without the antisemitic season's greetings.