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Red State
Red State
8 Apr 2023
Susie Moore

NextImg:RedState Weekly Briefing: Fawning Over Fetterman, Flipping Parties in NC, Stahl Left Fuming

Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication!

#1 – Slobbering CBS News Interview With John Fetterman Ends With a Head-Scratching Suggestion — by Bonchie

Ironically, Fetterman seems to be more realistic than the ridiculous person interviewing him. He dismisses the question and says his ambition is to just take his son to dinner as they had planned. That’s actually a good answer, and it’s one of the reasons he was able to beat Mehmet Oz in 2022 while barely being functional. Fetterman, for all of his radicalism and political faults, manages to present himself as an everyman to the public. Yeah, it’s a largely false persona given he actually comes from a wealthy background, but it works for him nonetheless.

I have to give Fetterman credit in that he’s managed to play this situation well. I don’t like it given his politics, but I can’t deny reality. Of course, Fetterman’s maneuvering has been greatly helped by laughable journalists like Pauley who treat him with kid gloves, tossing softballs and completely ignoring his health issues.

#2 – Democrat Switches Parties, Hands Republicans Super-Majority in Key Swing State — by Bonchie 

Cooper has been neutered politically, and that’s a very good thing. If Republicans deliver for the people, they can help bring the state firmly back into the red corner. That would be huge for North Carolina residents, but also big for any GOP presidential candidate.

Something feels like it’s happening at the state level. While Democrats celebrate mostly empty victories at the national level (i.e. spending money), Republicans are putting in the work at the state level and are bringing about lasting change. In Florida, for example, they’ve passed constitutional carry, a six-week abortion ban, and school choice all within a single week of their special session. North Carolina could be next, with a series of broad proposals seeing passage that could reshape the political landscape there.

#3 – Marjorie Taylor Greene Leaves ’60 Minutes’ Interviewer Fuming After Answer on Democrats Sexualizing Children — by Bonchie 

Greene uses the word “pedophile” when the word “grooming” is probably a better fit for what she’s specifically talking about, but still, it’s instructive how Stahl clearly doesn’t want to actually deal with the topic at hand. When the congresswoman finishes her answer, accurately pointing out that Democrats support the mutilation and sexualization of children, from transgender surgeries to drag shows, Stahl rolls her eyes in a huff. What she doesn’t do is tell Greene that she’s wrong.

That’s because what the congresswoman said is true. There is actually a broad, top-down movement within the Democratic Party to cut the breasts off of girls and to chemically castrate boys in the name of transgender ideology. The euphemism “gender-affirming care” doesn’t change the reality of what is happening. Further, there is also a broad, top-down left-wing moral panic over laws that simply prevent “drag queens” from performing sexually in front of underage children. Nowhere have general drag performances been banned.

#4 – Biden’s Reaction to Trump Arraignment Just Might Make Your Blood Boil — by Nick Arama

You can see he hears it. The reaction comes when the reporter finishes his sentence. His reaction is to break out into a big gloating grin and laugh. Then his people proceed to throw all the media out of the room.

But yeah, this is not political, not at all. He’s not even hiding this anymore. He’s happy that it’s “politically divisive,” the more breakdown of the rule of law, the better.

How is any of this funny? Is it funny that he and the Democrats have perverted the rule of law to go after their political opponents? That they’ve destroyed the objectivity of what once had been a previously vaunted bureau like the FBI? That Democrats’ progressive prosecutors do things to so harm the country? That’s not just about Trump, but about hurting Americans by their failure to enforce the rule of law.

#5 – DeSantis Strikes Back After Underhanded Move by Disney — by Bonchie 

DeSantis’ political opponents, namely some of Donald Trump’s paid influencers, also latched onto the development, asserting that the Florida governor had failed. To that I say, have they not been paying attention for the last four years? Or are they just being intentionally dishonest?

To start, who one may support for the 2024 presidential nomination is rather irrelevant when discussing this issue. With that said, DeSantis has built a long, successful track record of fighting and winning big fights. In many of those cases (i.e. the school mask mandate battle), he has had setbacks. Sometimes he’s had to go to court multiple times. In the end, though, he almost always comes out victorious.

Right on cue, he’s already formulated a plan to strike back at Disney.

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