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Red State
Red State
21 Oct 2023
Susie Moore

NextImg:RedState Weekly Briefing: Biden Somnambulates, the Left Self-Immolates, Poilievre Hilariously Masticates

Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication!

#1 - Joe Biden's Latest Speech Is a Buffet of Senility, Jill Biden Has to Come on Stage to Rescue Him — by Bonchie

Joe Biden provided a reprieve from the news surrounding Israel's fight against Hamas on Saturday evening, as he delivered a buffet of senility during his latest speech. 

The president was appearing at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) National Dinner when things went downhill. It's worth noting that the HRC is a rabidly anti-Israel (and anti-conservative) organization that has sought to make excuses for Hamas, but regardless, that's not what this piece is about. 

Rather, we are here to discuss how this man is still president.

#2 - More on Disastrous Biden Interview: Scott Pelley Has to Help Him Finish Sentence, Says President 'Tired' — by Nick Arama

He's saying there's no "clear evidence of that." He's saying they support Hamas financially, but it's not clear what they knew when. This is quibbling to give them a pass and to deflect from the money and deals that Biden made with Iran. The fact that he's saying this makes him look ignorant and has to have Iran laughing in response. Yeah, Joe, they just gave them money that you may have helped enable. The Iranian foreign minister met with the leader of Hamas on Saturday and embraced him for no reason, right? 

Pelley then asked him about some of the other issues, including Ukraine. Biden said that we didn't want to get sucked into another war in Europe. 

#3 - Cancel Culture Finally Comes for the Left, and I Can't Stop Laughing — by Bonchie

Wait, am I supposed to feel sorry for a person who literally cheerleaded mass murder and claimed it was simply "resistance?" Is that really what the Post is suggesting with this hand-wringing article full of defenses of people espousing nazi ideology? Last I checked, the left loves cancel culture, and no single entity of the left loves it more than the university system. 

Recall that Harvard rescinded its acceptance of Kyle Kashuv, a school shooting survivor because some vindictive person dug up and released years-old group chat messages in which he said some naughty words. But I'm supposed to care that Hamas apologists aren't getting hired?

#4 - Bret Baier Stunned by Astonishing Comment From Leon Panetta About Disinformation and Hunter Biden Laptop — by Nick Arama

"I think disinformation is involved here," Panetta claimed. "I think Russian disinformation is part of what we're seeing everywhere. I don't trust the Russians. That's exactly why I was concerned that the public not trust the Russians either." 

That's one heck of a spin job there; there's no evidence at all that the Russians were involved in the laptop. And even in that infamous letter, the signers admitted they had no evidence to support this contention. Meanwhile, media outlets have confirmed the laptop was real. Hunter Biden is now trying to go after people for revealing the information on the laptop, which is why Baier said that Hunter had admitted (essentially) that it was his laptop. 

So, no evidence that it was disinformation, and he still thinks it's disinformation, despite all the evidence that it isn't, despite that being completely debunked. He has no regrets about not trusting the "Russians"? That's delusional. Either that, or he just can't let go of the game to try to convince us.

#5 - WATCH: Canadian Conservative PM Candidate Gives Master Class in Handling Activist Disguised as 'Reporter' — by Sister Toldjah

Poilievre, who is calmly eating and crunching on an apple, repeatedly asks him throughout the segment who was making the claims (which revolved around Poilievre supposedly being a right-wing extremist), and what "page" he was allegedly taking out of former President Donald Trump's "playbook" (another statement made by the reporter that he could not substantiate).

As the description on the tweet says, this is master class-type stuff here and should be a blueprint for conservatives to operate off of when interacting with left-wing activists masquerading as members of the press: