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Red State
Red State
6 Jan 2024
Susie Moore

NextImg:RedState Weekly Briefing: Biden's Chicken Parm, Ramaswamy's Master Class, Trump's Teamster Tête-à-Tête

Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee — or, hey, to ring in the New Year, some champagne — and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication!

#1 - Biden's Brain Turns to Mush During New Year's Eve Appearance With Ryan Seacrest — by Bonchie

Jill Biden's discomfort is obvious as she gives a deep sigh halfway through his answer and turns to glare at him momentarily. I would assume this was a rehearsed answer that he went in on even though it didn't fit what he was asked. That's one of the results of having a president who can't do something as simple as a light-hearted New Year's Eve spot without canned responses. 

He looks so inauthentic because he is. I mean, come on. Who needs notecards to answer softballs from Ryan Seacrest for a few minutes? This is supposed to be one of the most capable men on the planet filling the most important job in politics. But hey, at least he likes ice cream.

#2 - WATCH: Female Influencer Visits Gym in Painted-On Pants, Gets Reaction She Deserves After Playing Victim — by Sister Toldjah

Though Reynolds has a modest following at Twitter and, she's built up a following of 356,000 people on her Instagram page, where the predictable thirst trap pictures and obnoxious videos are regularly posted. 

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Strangely, the gym video wasn't posted to Instagram, which is probably intentional since the one she posted to Twitter did not go according to plan.

Because she got called out so badly for arriving to the gym nearly naked, she has since posted tweets showing other women at gyms dressed in bikini bottoms and also pictures of bodybuilders in bikinis as though it justifies her arriving at a fitness center in painted "clothes" and accompanied by a video director who clearly wanted to put the man who protested on blast as an alleged example of sexism and misogyny.

#3 - NEW: Iowa School Shooter Identified, Allegedly Part of the Transgender Movement — by Bonchie

That revelation didn't come from police, who have yet to officially identify the shooter, but news organizations (including The Daily Mail) have ascertained his identity from what appears to be a TikTok he posted just before the shooting. In it, you can see Butler making a face while standing next to a blue duffel bag, presumably containing the weapons he used. 

Who is Butler? His social media has largely been scrubbed already, but some were able to capture screenshots and videos of his online presence before that happened. Specifically, he had a "pride" flag in his TikTok bio, shared the transgender flag in his posts, and had allegedly participated in a transgender Reddit group under the name "dylanpickles1996."

#4 - NEW: Vivek Does It Again, Flips Script on NBC Reporter As She Has Meltdown on Camera — by Nick Arama

They should just learn their lesson and stop trying to play these games, but then they wouldn't be the liberal media if they did that, would they? They keep trying to shape reality into the narrative they want, but reality doesn't comply. 

NBC News reporter Dasha Burns tried again on the subject of white supremacy with Ramaswamy, as though anyone would believe that he is a white supremacist or in favor of white supremacy, and it's more than a little hilarious that it's a liberal white reporter trying this on a man of Indian descent. What they don't like is the way he says to stop racism by not being racist, to anyone. He ripped apart how some of these definitions from people on the left of "white supremacy" include things like "punctuality," which would itself be a racist construct. 

#5 - The Pic of Trump and the Union President That May Spell Doom for Biden's Chances — by Nick Arama

The picture alone says plenty — they almost don't have to say more.

It also seems an implicit acknowledgment that Trump is leading and may win, so they want to cover their bets. I think it looks like they think he's going to beat Biden. 

It's fascinating for them to do this at this point rather than an endorsement for Biden, who has been bending over backward and trying to jump through hoops for union support. That says something about the weakness of Biden and perhaps also the support of Trump among union workers. He showed in 2016 that he was able to bring in more voters, and this may be more evidence of it. This looks all kinds of bad for Joe Biden's chances. 

The funniest thing was the reactions of the left to this. They were just melting down because they understood what it could mean for the election. They were mad, saying Trump was supportive of "Right to Work." All the typical Biden sycophants were losing their minds.