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Red State
Red State
11 Mar 2023
Nick Arama

NextImg:Nikki Fried's Glorious Self-Own Proves DeSantis Right and Destroys 'Book Ban' Hoax

Democrats have been going all in with lies about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and “book-banning” in his state because he is concerned about pornographic materials that are not appropriate to have in schools.

But one Democrat showed just how right DeSantis was with a hilariously bad effort to try to do him in.

During a press conference, DeSantis showed a shocking video of some of the pornographic stuff that they had in the schools to show it wasn’t appropriate.

The books featured in the five-minute-long video included depictions of minors engaging in interactions so graphic that Twitter briefly slapped a sensitive content label on clips making the rounds on the social media platform.

Tampa-based WFLA-TV also dropped its live feed of the presser, with reporter Mahsa Saeidi explaining on Twitter: “I don’t show sexually explicit content.”

DeSantis held the presser — which he dubbed “Exposing the Book Ban Hoax” — to highlight tomes that the governor says violate Florida’s curriculum standards, as well as counter claims that his restrictions were unjustified.

We reported how the media had to cut their streams because of how graphic it was, thus showing DeSantis was right.

But Florida Democratic leader Nikki Fried didn’t learn from that. Instead, she took a part of that video — pictures instructing kids how to use a butt plug — and posted it to attack DeSantis.

Warning graphic images:

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That wasn’t very bright. Because she was only proving his point. She thinks it’s bad to post on Twitter. Then Twitter even flagged her post, putting the picture undercover as “sensitive content” and adding a Community Note for context.

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People had great fun laughing at what a hilarious self-own that was by Fried.

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Then she made it even worse. She finally acknowledged that the books shouldn’t be in the schools but then attempted to blame Republicans that they were there.

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She doesn’t even seem to get what she just did.

But these are the books you and your Democratic buddies have been saying should be in the schools and shouldn’t be restricted by calling their restriction “book banning.” So if you agree, why are you attacking DeSantis? You should be holding him up for being right and caring about our kids, and calling out her fellow Democrats. But she just exposed what a political propaganda job the Democrats’ attack all was.

It’s all Democrats and their fellow travelers have to attack with, this kind of nonsense and even going after him for wearing cowboy boots. No wonder Democrats lost so badly in Florida in the midterms with leadership like Fried and these kinds of tactics.