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Red State
Red State
18 Nov 2023
Nick Arama

NextImg:Mike Lee Decimates Liz Cheney's Lame Effort to Deflect From New J6 Footage

As we previously reported, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) released all the 44,000 hours of Jan. 6 footage. Immediately, the release blew apart the Jan. 6 Committee's narrative about the event. 

The video release showed why they were likely suppressed. They included police escorting peaceful protesters walking through the Capitol, even shaking their hands. There was even a video showing one "protester" who appeared to have been cuffed, then taken to an area by the Capitol Police, where he was released and fist-bumped one of the officers. 

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That raised many questions about whether the man released was an undercover officer, which then again raises the question about the involvement of law enforcement in the action. 

But that didn't make people like former Rep. Liz Cheney happy that people were seeing things that her Committee didn't reveal. The Committee's main focus seemed to be to attack former President Donald Trump and the Republicans before the 2022 election and emphasize the violence. It's one of the reasons that Cheney lost her Wyoming race by almost 40 percentage points because folks in Wyoming wanted someone who was going to serve them and not her obsession with Trump. But video that showed people being escorted by the police or shaking hands with the police tended to blow up the narrative Cheney and the Committee were pushing. 

Cheney didn't want this revealed. Cheney threw a tantrum about the release of the footage and tried to head off the damage from the revealed reality. 

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But Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) wasn't going to let her get away with that, and he spoke for a lot of us as he nuked her in response. 

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"Liz, we’ve seen footage like that a million times," Lee scolded her. 

"You made sure we saw that—and nothing else. It’s the other stuff—what you deliberately hid from us—that we find so upsetting. Nice try. P.S. How many of these guys are feds? (As if you’d ever tell us)."

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He then said they needed to investigate the Jan. 6 Committee.

Exactly. They had an obligation to reveal this and yet, they didn't. Cheney and her Committee cherry picked what served their narrative and left things that didn't help the narrative out of their presentation. 

How many people were jailed for simply walking through the Capitol, who didn't hurt anyone and weren't in any way violent?  And if those people had been involved in a leftist action -- doing the same thing -- we know the likelihood is that they wouldn't have faced the same consequences.  How many undercover people were there, and what did they do? The Committee doesn't want us to know that -- a U.S. Senator hasn't even been told the truth on this. 

The American people have a right to know the full truth. But that wasn't what they were getting from the Committee.