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Red State
Red State
16 Dec 2023
Nick Arama

NextImg:Jonathan Turley Thinks KJP May Have Just Put Biden in More Potential Impeachment Trouble

In a prior story, Joe Biden ducked questions about his son Hunter blowing off a Congressional subpoena, but White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre got him in big trouble by saying he knew about Hunter's statement ahead of time. As I pointed out, that raises a lot of questions about what Biden knew when and what he told Hunter, whether or not he advised him not to appear, and whether or not there was any potential obstruction, which could then be another possible impeachment count. 

Biden Tries to Duck Questions on Hunter's Statement, but KJP Gives Him Up and Shows His Hypocrisy

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"The President was familiar with what Hunter was going to say today," KJP said. Whoops. I'm not sure why she admitted that when usually, she ducks everything. She truly blew it on that one. 

Now, it looks like George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley was thinking along the same lines.

There is another possible cost to this move. Fox News quoted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre saying that President Biden “was certainly familiar with what his son was going to say,” which suggests that the president spoke with his son before his act of contempt and discussed his statement. If that is true, it was a breathtaking mistake. One of the four most obvious potential articles of impeachment that I laid out in my prior testimony was obstruction. There already are questions over special treatment potentially being given to Hunter in the form of alleged felonies being allowed to expire, warnings about planned federal raids, and sweetheart deals. [...]

If this latest allegation is true, the president was speaking with his son about committing a potentially criminal act of contempt. Hunter was refusing to give testimony focused not on his own role but on his father's potential role in the alleged influence peddling. The House can pursue evidence on that conversation and how the president may have supported his son’s effort.

So, it could look like Joe Biden was trying to stop his son from talking about any connections that involved Joe. 

Turley also pointed out how Biden has been using White House staff to defend himself. That raises yet another issue, if you're using your staff to help cover up your own actions.  

In addition, President Biden has enlisted White House staff to actively push challenged accounts of his conduct and attack the House Republicans’ investigative process. Such acts could legally bootstrap prior misconduct into his presidency under abuse-of-power allegations.

Add more trouble for Biden on top of what they were already looking into, in regard to the impeachment inquiry. Even when they're trying to avoid questions, they still seem to manage to step in it big time.