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Red State
Red State
22 Jul 2023
Nick Arama

NextImg:Jeffries Attacks RFK Jr for Spreading Conspiracy Theories by ... Spreading a Conspiracy Theory

You could tell at the House Weaponization hearing this week that the Democrats were shaking in their boots, with Robert F. Kennedy there to speak about how the censorship had been applied against him. Democrats did all they could to attack him because they know that if he has something to say, it is going to reach some Democrats. That, they can’t abide.

RFK Jr. was there to talk about the federal government abusing its powers by censoring conservative voices—and other people like Kennedy, who said things that they didn’t like or that went against the narrative. He wasn’t at the hearing to speak about his presidential campaign or any other opinions. But Democrats, at hearing on censorship, then tried to censor him. They failed, and he was allowed to speak. But that’s how twisted Democrats are now on the concept of speech.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) went after him even outside of the hearing.

First, he attacked Kennedy, claiming that he was spreading “antisemitic tropes” and “conspiracy theories.”

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Why would you give Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a congressional platform to spew his hatred? Here’s the answer: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a living, breathing false-flag operation. His whole campaign is being run by right-wing political operatives who have one objective: try to take down President Joe Biden.

I’m confused — isn’t Kennedy a Democrat? Indeed, he’s been a Democrat his whole life, from an iconic Democratic family. Imagine how desperate Democrats are to attack him and skip around that.

But wait, Jeffries is claiming that Kennedy is spreading “conspiracy theories,” and then Jeffries spreads a “conspiracy theory” about Kennedy being a “false flag” and somehow connected to the right wing to take down Biden. He’s doing the very thing of which he accuses Kennedy. Of course, Jeffries has a history of conspiracy theories, including being an “election denier” (to use their term) about the election of former President Donald Trump. He even attacked the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

The Democrats also don’t seem to have an issue with giving people who make real anti-Semitic statements, like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a platform. They’re just mad at what Kennedy is saying about censorship.

Kennedy shot down the claims about him during the hearings, saying his words were being distorted by the Democrats.

The funny thing here is that it’s Jeffries who has a bit of a questionable history on the subject, given his infamous uncle — Leonard Jeffries — who was known for pushing racist comments and controversial theories. But when Hakeem Jeffries was in college he invited his controversial uncle to speak at his school. He also defended him and Louis Farrakhan at that time in the 1990s.

Moreover, Jeffries is still not being straight about that period because he told the media in April that he had only a vague recollection of the controversy with his uncle since he was away at school. That’s quite a bit different from inviting him to speak at the school and then defending him, knowing the controversy.