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Red State
Red State
18 Nov 2023
Ward Clark

NextImg:Israeli Muslim First Responder Jamal Warraqi Decries Barbarity of October 7th Attack

At times like these, it's comforting to know that there are good people in the world. Jamal Warraqi is one of them. Jamal is an Arab Muslim, a citizen of Israel, a volunteer paramedic, and one of the first responders who arrived in the area of the October 7th atrocities soon after the attackers left. He is now openly decrying the savagery of those attacks.

Jamal Warraqi was among the first emergency rescuers to reach kibbutz Be'eri after Hamas gunmen rampaged through the community in southern Israel on Oct. 7, and the sight of slaughtered families and children is still seared into his memory.

More than a month later, the volunteer first responder remains visibly shaken as he recounts his rush to Be'eri in an ambulance and the bodies lying in the streets along the way.

Unlike most emergency workers called out that day, Warraqi is a Muslim Israeli Arab. He found his experience of Oct. 7 profoundly distressing, but says it also strengthened his belief that human beings must "stop hatred" and learn to live together.

Warraqi is a volunteer for Zaka, a non-governmental rescue and recovery service. Founded in 1995, Zaka is comprised mostly of ultra-religious Jews committed to ensuring that as much of the human body of every victim is buried in accordance with Jewish law. It also has Christian, Druze and Muslim volunteers.

It's certain beyond doubt that anyone who was an early responder to the Oct. 7th attacks would describe "profoundly distressing" as a massive understatement. Any person with any humanity, any decency, any sense of right and wrong could only find those attacks horrifying; Jamal Warraqi's description certainly bears that out.

"I saw families, they were slaughtered, a lot of families," Warraqi told Reuters, standing next to his ambulance.

"I saw a father and mom with three kids, they were tied hands up, hands back ... as they were put on their knees in front of each other, then they got shot in the head."

"When you see such a thing... you just start imagining what happened in there, what, how did they react, who was got killed first, the kids or the parents."

In the peaceful and leafy Be'eri community, houses were burnt to the ground and families killed in their own houses with a brutality that Warraqi says "has nothing to do with Islam".

"Our religion, as a proud Arabic Muslim Israeli guy, I'm saying that has nothing to do with our religion," Warraqi said.

Jamal Warraqi is a good person. He responded to an atrocity, bravely and selflessly. Jamal Warraqi is a hero, and in an exercise of brutal honesty, I will say that it would be great if the Arab Muslim world had a lot more just like him.

For that matter, it would be great if the United States had more just like him. In recent days, my colleague Jeff Charles has documented cowardly vandalism of a Jewish Congressman's office; while another colleague, the inestimable Streiff, has informed us how at least 17 U.S. "charities" are raising money to fund Hamas's terrorism. But the Israel Defense Forces have done great work in rolling up Hamas so far, and it's pretty certain that this time, the IDF will complete the mission and wipe Hamas off the map.

But while we rightly praise Jamal Warraqi's humanity and dedication, we also have to note that while he maintains that the Oct. 7th atrocities had "...nothing to do with our religion," there is an elephant in that room, that being that a great number of his co-religionists do think that this has something to do with their religion.

In the 16th century, Christianity went through what is now known as the Reformation. It's time Islam underwent its own reformation. These kinds of atrocities are likely to continue until that happens.