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Red State
Red State
17 Feb 2024
Nick Arama

NextImg:In Pennsylvania, Biden Rambles on About Broiler Chickens, Ohio Universities, and Firefighters

I often wonder what people think when they meet Joe Biden and they see some of the weirdness that we've reported up close and personal. 

I reported about the remarks that Biden made on Friday and how he was greeted by protesters that were not happy with him, with many saying it was too little, too late. It was particularly ironic that Biden made a big point, "We look out for one another.  We leave no one behind," when many people have felt that he's left them high and dry. He spoke for about seven minutes after not visiting for more than a year. 

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Biden also met with some people --  first responders and officials in Darlington, Pennsylvania near East Palestine and met with a few people in a candle store in East Palestine. Given the apparent unhappiness with him in the area, I think they're lucky they found any folks to meet with him. 

Even with such brief greetings, it got weird.

As he was greeting firefighters and officials, Biden met with a farmer and touched him on the shoulders and began telling him about a "whole lot of broiler chickens." Why is he always touching everyone? I'm not sure what these guys were thinking but it looked like they were trying to be polite, listening to whatever this was he was saying. 

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He also claimed that, "No one ever doubts anything I say. Sometimes I say all that I mean, I get in trouble." 

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What? Um, a lot of people doubt most of what you say, Joe. And yes, you constantly get in trouble for what you say because it's often so wrong. But it sounds like he's worried he's going to get scolded by the handlers. 

Then as he turned, it looked like he staggered slightly. He mocked the press, telling them they should smile, with a goofy grin on his face. 

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He then made an attempted pandering comment to the firefighters, "Hey you know the old expression? God made man and then he made a few firefighters. You're all crazy.." 

Maybe not the best thing to tell people they're crazy when you're supposed to be giving support to the area. 

But what was truly bizarre about it was that he'd just made the same comment to them when he entered the room and started shaking hands, less than three minutes before. He apparently forgot he already said it, just under three minutes before. 

You can see how he first says it at 15 seconds in and then repeats it at 2:42 minutes in. 

Yikes. What must they have thought at that? 

He had no idea what he had said just moments before. I suppose we should at least be thankful that he didn't tell the story about his house burning down again and his Corvette being in danger.

He also appeared to get confused when talking about Ohio universities during his brief discussion with the people at the candle shop. 

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Did he drink the water?

At the candle shop, Biden, seated at a table with a group of nearly a dozen residents including the mayor, took a sip of coffee in view of reporters that officials said was brewed with local tap water in an affirmation of its safety. 

A glass of water also was positioned near the president, but a pool report said he did not touch it while the press watched. Reporters were told later by officials that Biden drank it after they were escorted out.

I'm not sure I believe that without seeing it. Some in the local population are still concerned about the air and the water. EPA head Michael Regan reportedly said that the concerns were overstated and insisted that the air and water is safe. I'm sure the people welcomed his assessment that their concerns were overstated. 

Then Biden was off to the long weekend vacation. 

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