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Red State
Red State
6 Jan 2024
Nick Arama

NextImg:Fetterman 2.0 Delivers a Little Truth About the Border That Accidentally Levels Joe Biden

Joe Biden was in Pennsylvania on Friday to give his first speech of the campaign season, hoping it could jump-start his campaign--because he's getting hammered in the polls and losing to former President Donald Trump, his chief contender. Biden also has the worst approval of anyone at this time in office. 


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He tried to deflect from his failures, to demonize Trump and make the upcoming election about the Jan. 6 riot -- three years ago. He did that because he has no solutions for the problems that he's helped to cause, which are happening right now. 

While there wasn't a lot of truth to be found in what Biden had to say, he even had the nerve to lie once again about going to the "funerals" of police who died as a result of the riot. No officers were killed in the riot. 

But someone delivered a little truth at Biden's speech in Pennsylvania - that was Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA). He may not have realized he was accidentally leveling Joe Biden, but he wasn't afraid to tell the truth about the border. It's something you don't see from a lot of Democrats right now. 

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Biden has refused to call it a crisis, although it's been one since he started--because of his bad policies--and it's only gotten worse. 

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In December 2023, the illegal alien encounters were the highest on record, at over 300,000. 

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Check out the comparison of how much better it was under Trump and how it's got progressively worse under Biden. 

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Yet, Biden wants you to believe the border is secure, that he has a "plan" that's working. The only way it's working is if his "plan" was to leave the border open for anyone to come in. 

Fetterman got it right, and it's just one more reason that we have to toss Biden out in November. Fetterman 2.0 is turning out to be an interesting truth-teller, and he's not afraid of ticking off the left in the process. As I wrote on Friday, he even took down Harvard, saying they'd always been a little "pinko" but now he didn't recognize them anymore. 

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Listen to 2024 Democrat presidential candidate and podcaster Cenk Uygur throw a fit over it, claiming Fetterman has turned into a Republican. 

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Now, that's a great thing to see.