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Red State
Red State
29 Apr 2023
Nick Arama

NextImg:Elon Musk Drops the Hammer on the 'Woke Mind Virus' in Interview with Bill Maher

Elon Musk did an interview on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” on Friday, and really let out his sense of humor and had some fun with Maher. He also showed that he got it right big time when he warned people about the dangers to free speech and the woke mind virus.

The warm reception showed that despite the effort by the left to demonize him, many are not buying that line, including Bill Maher.

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Musk talked about the difference that the internet brought to humanity, that it’s like having a “developing a nervous system.”

“It’s like any part of humanity has access to almost all the information of humanity,” Musk explained. You could be in the Amazon jungle, he said, and now have access to more information than “the president did in 1980.”

Maher praised Musk for being one of these people that deals in big civilizational change. Musk laughed and joked that he “deals in memes too.”

Maher said that some couldn’t understand why Musk bought Twitter and how it fits with everything else he has done. But Maher said he never thought that — it was another big civilizational issue. Then they got into the dangers posed by the “woke mind virus.” Maher asked about why he thought it was “pushing civilization toward suicide” and that if “we don’t deal with this, nothing else can get done.”

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“I think we need to be very cautious about anything which is anti-meritocratic,” Musk said. “And anything that results in the suppression of free speech.” Those are the things that are dangerous about the woke mind virus, and the fact that “you can’t question things, even the questioning is bad.”

Maher agreed and said he thought that wokeness wasn’t building on liberalism (classical liberalism), that it was the “opposite” of that, including when it comes to free speech.

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“Free speech is extremely important,” Musk declared. He said that the left’s desire to censor seemed “crazy.” ” We need to be extremely concerned about anything that “undermines the First Amendment,” Elon exclaimed. The reason was because people came from countries where they could not speak and they didn’t want that to happen in this country. He explained that in some other parts of the world that we might view as similar to the United States, the speech laws are “draconian.” They then pointed a big finger at England.

Musk then made the point about free speech that so many on the left now don’t seem to get — that it’s about protecting speech, even if you don’t like the speech. So much of the left — including those in power — seem to think they should have the right to shut down anything that offends them — because it offends them.

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But he had a warning for anyone pushing censorship who wants to so damage society, “The thing about censorship is that – for those who would advocate it – Just remember: at some point, that will be turned on you”

Musk said he thought the “woke mind virus” has been going on for a while. He’s right on target there. The left has been insinuating itself with political agenda since the 1960s into every level of our educational system. Is it any wonder now then that most colleges, and now even high schools and elementary schools seem to have been overcome?

“I think it’s been going on for a while,” Elon said. “The amount of indoctrination that, that’s happening in schools and universities is, I think, far beyond what parents realize.” He pointed out how the children of a friend who live in the Bay area (San Francisco) were only taught that George Washington was a slave owner.

They then spoke about how Twitter was doing and how the Tucker Carlson video was doing amazingly well after Fox “parted ways” with him. Maher joked that Elon was on Tucker’s show before the parting so he hoped that wasn’t bad news for Maher’s job security now. We reported on how Tucker’s Twitter video had millions more in traffic than any cable news show. At this point, it has 22.8 million views with 77.2 million impressions. That’s the audience that Twitter can bring to independent voices, Musk explained.

Click below to see the whole tweet.

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They touch on other topics including Musk telling Maher no, resources are fine and they’re not about to collapse no matter how you may have bought that indoctrination from the left. They also get into the dangers of artificial intelligence, which is a big concern for Musk. Here’s the full interview and it’s worth the time to take a look.

Musk is not going to be perfect, no one is. But he shows how important it is to have someone with such an important desire to ensure free speech and fight the woke mind virus in power at Twitter. As we go forward and we see the effort to control ramp up, it’s going to be increasingly more critical to have such organs that can provide us with a venue, and the Tucker video shows one way it can be done. We need to increase those avenues to free ourselves from that control.