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Red State
Red State
17 Feb 2024
Ben Kew

NextImg:Dean Phillips Won't Suspend Presidential Campaign Despite Mass Layoffs, Humiliating Defeats

Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips will not drop out of the Democratic presidential primary despite this week laying off the majority of his campaign staff.

Phillips confirmed the news of the layoff in a post on the X platform on Friday, although indicated that he would not leave the race anytime soon. In the video, he said, in part:

I found it almost impossible to raise enough to do this campaign the way I want. And today, sadly, I had to announce layoffs to a lot of my staff members... amazing people who gave up a lot personally and a lot professionally to join this remarkable campaign. And it was a really tough day for all of us. 

I'm going to continue this journey as long as you want this journey continued. I'm not giving up, I'm gonna continue. I'm on the ballot in 43 states. Our country is desperate for change. If you still believe that we can do better please consider supporting in my campaign.

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Phillips announced his presidential run against Joe Biden last October, describing himself as part of the "exhausted majority" looking for a change to the current administration. However, Phillips has suffered embarrassing defeats to Joe Biden in both New Hampshire and South Carolina, despite growing concern among Democratic circles about the 81-year-old Joe Biden's worsening mental and physical health. 

Following the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur's report into Biden's alleged mishandling of classified information, Phillips admitted that it "appears" the president committed a crime and that his obvious mental decline was "sad" for people to watch: 

I respect President Biden. I think he’s suffered a lot of tragedy in his life. This has got to be awfully difficult to invoke his son Beau. It appears a crime was committed, but I’ve got to tell you, I felt just like a human watching that and it was sad. And I think most of the country shares that.

I think our President should serve out this term. I think he’s able to do so. The fact that he’s running for another one is preposterous. And I think most of the country recognizes that. And frankly, I don’t think it should be politicized. I think we should honor him and we should preserve his legacy and pass the torch in the next election.

The only other notable challenger to Joe Biden, left-wing self-help guru Marianne Williamson, suspended her campaign earlier in February after scoring a measly three percent in Nevada.

She wrote on her Substack at the time:

I appreciate greatly all the incredible people who accompanied me on our political journey over the last 10 months.While the level of our failure is obvious to all, a level of success is real nonetheless. Processing this experience will itself be an ongoing journey, and forgiveness will guide me as I move through it.

RedState will keep you posted on wherever Phillips' campaign goes from here.