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Red State
Red State
6 Jan 2024
Mike Miller

NextImg:CDC Pushes to Address Racism, 'Root Causes' of Violence and 'Injustice' Rather Than Jailing Criminals

Here we go again. This time it's the Centers for Disease Control, but the song remains the same. The CDC now claims that imprisoning criminals doesn't prevent violent crime. Rather, claims the left-wing agency, addressing the "root causes" of crime will do the trick.

Those "root causes?" All together, now: "racism" and "injustice." (Yawn.)

According to internal documents exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, the CDC is set to release new guidance on how to address community violence in the coming weeks, according to the documents.

Why is the CDC delving into the issue of violent crime, you might be asking yourself? Because it's just another left-wing federal agency, duh. 

The document, Community Violence Prevention Resource for Action, contains a section detailing the CDC's planned responses to potential questions from the public on its upcoming recommendations. Unsurprisingly, the agency claims that “increasing punitive measures, including incarceration, does not reduce community violence.”

"We can work to prevent violence by addressing the underlying conditions that contribute to violence,” like racism, the agency claims.

They "forgot" the part about jail cells in Democrat-run cities virtually fitted with revolving doors, and repeat violent offenders returned to the streets, multiple times, in many cases until they commit crimes horrific enough to lead to long-term sentences. Unfortunately, there are often victims who don't live to see those sentences meted out — and finally served. 

Here's more. (Spoiler: "Gun violence" is about to rear its ugly head. Emphasis, mine.)

The community violence recommendations are based on the “best available evidence,” according to the CDC, and will identify firearm violence as a “public health problem,” in line with the CDC’s past guidance on viewing gun violence and community violence broadly as public health concerns. 

The new guidance will “[weave] health equity concepts throughout” and is intended to help “address structural inequities.” Youth impacted by violence are at a higher risk for “mental health challenges, such as substance use, obesity, high-risk sexual behavior, depression, traumatic stress, low educational attainment or suicide,” according to the CDC’s document.

Logic and common sense suggest that anyone reading this tripe and looking for excuses for violent crimes committed by people of color can find plenty of them in this ridiculous left-wing document. It might not be a "license to kill," but it certainly attempts to justify or, at the minimum, rationalize violent crimes committed by a segment of the population.

As I suggested earlier, In anticipation of being asked hard questions, such as "Isn’t community violence caused by criminals who make poor decisions?” or “Shouldn’t we just lock these people up to keep communities safe?” the document contains prewritten answers. Here's one of them:

Racism, economic injustices, and other systemic inequities contribute to the current and persistent increased risk of violence experienced by some communities.

And, this — which is insane: 

“Dominant public narratives” surrounding crime and race “often consider violence primarily a problem of personal responsibility,” the CDC continues. Focusing on personal responsibility as a way to reduce gun crime “invokes images of youth and young adults, and especially Black or African American youth and young adults, as aggressors, troublemakers, or worse,” the CDC says.

“Harmful narratives around race and violence” are “biased and inaccurate” and can “rob youth and young adults of their humanity by failing to value them as complete people and valued members of communities,” the CDC document states.

That's about all I can stomach. Check out the actual document if you're inclined to do so.

White liberal guilt has arguably become the most destructive force in America, and it's only getting worse. These people seek nothing less than the total destruction of America as we know it, to be replaced by a dystopian playground for the guilt-riddled left — where right is wrong and wrong is right.

Remember, "Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth." Proverbs 27:5-6