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Red State
Red State
6 Jan 2024
Nick Arama

NextImg:Brian Stelter Gets Dunked Into Next Week by NY Post Reporter on Jan. 6 vs. 2020 BLM Riots

Joe Biden and the liberal media have tried to turn the one riot on Jan. 6. -- which occurred three years ago -- into something to commemorate each year, not as a recognition of violence being bad but as a club to attempt to hit their political opponents with. 

If they truly cared about rioting and violence, they would also care about the hundreds of leftist riots that have happened over the past few years, from the 2020 BLM/Antifa lawlessness to the present violence that we're seeing in some of the anti-Israel actions. They would have remembered the people killed during those riots and violent uprisings, including the killing of eight-year-old Secoriea Turner and people attacking the Portland federal courthouse for more than 100 days in a row. 

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They would have been concerned when the Secret Service reportedly had to rush President Donald Trump into a bunker because people were rioting and attacking the police outside the White House. They didn't seem to care about any of those dozens of officers injured. Indeed, the left laughed and mocked Trump.

They would wonder why there wasn't one FBI page devoted to tracking down the people involved in those organized actions across the country -- like there was for J6 participants. 

They would ask why some of the same people seem to be involved in protest actions then and today, and why the protesters in 2020 called for uprisings and now call for "revolution" again. 

The NY Post's Jon Levine pointed out the difference in the treatment of the 2020 riots versus the one Jan. 6 riot, noting "almost zero attention is spent on the 2020 BLM/Antifa riots which were considerably more deadly and destructive. 

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But they were leftist riots. There's the rub. They don't help the political narrative. 

But guess who tried to take on Levine with a response? Our old friend, Brian Stelter.

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Stelter claimed that Jan. 6 received "outsize attention because there is a concerted campaign, led by a former president, to deny and cover up what happened." 

But that was a bad choice by Stelter, as so much of what he has said was bad in the past. 

Levine just decimated him. 

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Your former network engaged in a concerted campaign to deny and cover up the destruction of BLM/Antifa rioting. 

Your consistently partisan and one-sided coverage is part of the reason you no longer have a show 

But very nice to hear from you again here. Hope you’ve been well!

Now that's very nicely done, and it's also right on target. Who can ever forget the "mostly peaceful" riots? When the riot is politically inconvenient, CNN will simply twist the facts. 

Nobody's trying to cover up anything about Jan. 6. At least not anybody on the right.