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Red State
Red State
2 Dec 2023
Nick Arama

NextImg:Bill Maher Agrees With Trump on Education Point, Then Panel Gloriously Blows Up 'Fine People' Myth

Bill Maher is out with another "pigs are flying" moment that you might never expect to hear from him: a general agreement with former President Donald Trump on a point about education, and a final death knell to a common false myth about Trump. 

Maher, a classical liberal, has said a lot of good things in support of free speech and calling out the woke left. This comment is an outgrowth of that, and his concern about how the young are being indoctrinated. We've written before about how he even encouraged people to not go to college, if what they were going to get was this indoctrinated woke package as a part of the bargain. 

Former President Donald Trump said part of his plan in his next administration would be to encourage schools to teach kids to love America and not hate America, as they are taught now. While Maher is still critical of Trump, that point he didn't take issue with, he said, as he believes that kids are now being indoctrinated. 

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"This is what I see when I see kids demonstrating, these progressives, progressives, demonstrating for Hamas -- the most illiberal people in the world," Maher said. They think they're going to give America its comeuppance, he said, "They kind of have been indoctrinated this way." 

Maher pointed out how Democrats have a big split in the party, with the younger folks falling for this radical anti-Israel, pro-Hamas line. 

Rubin made the point that the "kids were with TikTok." As I wrote earlier about Elon Musk's response to the Disney pulling advertising, it's TikTok that has the antisemitism problem, and that is also encouraging this radical leftist anti-Israel position. It's because they're pushing the woke victim mentality, the oppressor/oppressed binary, and this is that latest "thing" that makes these kids think they're doing something "right." Carville tried to excuse it by saying that kids were stupid. I'm sure that will help the split. Not. 

Then guest James Carville tries to deflect away from that point and the serious problem with which Democrats are faced by this split by bringing up the Charlottesville myth: that Trump supposedly called neo-Nazis "good people on both sides." Dave Rubin, who was also on the show, then stopped Carville in his tracks and rebuked Carville with the truth, as Carville sat there, stunned to have his point busted. 

As Rubin explained, Trump never said that, he used the term talking about people being against removal of the statue, and that there were "fine people on both sides" of that debate. But he also explicitly said he was excluding the Neo-Nazis and white nationalists who should be condemned totally. Despite that, Democrats have propagated that falsehood for years, and as Carville shows, are still continuing to do it. But Rubin blew that up with facts and then Maher admitted it had been said "inelegant," essentially acknowledging that what Carville was pushing was false. It's also the falsehood that Joe Biden pushes about why he decided he was going to run for President. 

Pigs must truly be flying, when Maher is essentially agreeing with Trump, and his panel finally puts paid to this myth. 

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