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Red State
Red State
11 Feb 2023
Nick Arama

NextImg:NYT Comes to Biden's Rescue With Pathetic Excuse for Joe's Classified Docs

As we reported, Joe Biden made a huge blunder during his PBS interview this week.

Biden admitted that one of the classified documents found in his home or office was from 1974. There had already been reports that there were documents found at his home from his days in the Senate. So, he confirmed that, which means he’s been keeping classified documents for almost 50 years. Who knows where they’ve been, who saw them, and what was compromised?

Senators who have spoken on this matter–who know that you have to examine documents in a SCIF and return them–can’t understand how he could have documents from his time in the Senate. He also had classified documents from his time as vice president. It’s also why there needs to be a search of Biden’s biggest cache of documents — at the University of Delaware, where his Senate papers are kept.

But, what did Joe Biden give as an excuse for all this? He blamed his staff, because he’s never able to take responsibility for anything. He claimed that the documents were there because the people who cleaned up his offices when he left didn’t thoroughly examine every piece of paper

“One of the things that happened is that what was not done well is, as they packed up my offices to move them, they didn’t do the kind of job that should have been done to go thoroughly through every single piece of literature that’s there,” Mr. Biden said. “But, I’ll just let the investigation, you know, decide what’s going on and we’ll see what happens.”

Now of course this doesn’t make a lot of sense. First, he shouldn’t have the documents, to begin with, among his papers. Then secondly, it isn’t just the aides packing up his vice presidential office and sending them to the Penn Biden Center (and other transition offices in the meantime), if you have documents from his time in the Senate as well as documents in his home.

Not to mention, the FBI also seized handwritten notes Biden had. I’m guessing the reason they seized them was that they thought they may have been notes about the documents. If they are, that would be an indication that he knew he had them and was maybe trying to copy the information from the documents. That would blow his claim–that he was surprised by the discovery of the documents–out of the water.

But the NY Times is out with a story, picking up on the talking points that Biden was laying down. It was just those careless aides and their “hasty packing.”

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Were those two aides packing those classified documents from the Senate and sneaking them out of the SCIF? Yeah, no, only one person could have done that, and it isn’t the aides. It wasn’t the aides keeping them in Joe’s garage next to his Corvette, where Joe told us they were most certainly secure. It isn’t the aides who wrote whatever is in Joe’s handwritten notes that the FBI found. The only constant in all this, over almost 50 years, is Joe Biden.

The NY Times story avoids those points because they would blow up the ridiculous excuse. Indeed, the “hasty packing” might work better for Mike Pence or Donald Trump, since they don’t have documents going back 50 years like Joe Biden does. But the fact that they have to dig this deep for Joe Biden, for an excuse that doesn’t work at all, is pretty pathetic.

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