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Red State
Red State
11 Feb 2023
Nick Arama

NextImg:New Revelation About Where the 'Object' Was Before Getting Shot Down Over Alaska

As we reported, a second object was shot down by the military, reportedly from orders from Joe Biden, around 1:45 p.m. EST on Friday.

This was following the incursion of the Chinese spy balloon the prior week. The Biden administration allowed the spy balloon to enter and traverse the country, hovering over military installations, until it was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean off the Carolinas.

But we’re still not getting some critical answers about what the second object was and who was behind it.Now, there’s a new, concerning revelation that indicates whatever the object was penetrated our airspace before it was detected, according to a “senior U.S. official.”

The unnamed official also said it was already “over Alaska, not far from the northern coast” on Thursday night, when U.S. officials picked it up.

We had been told by the Biden team that it was picked up on ground radar. But they did not admit that, by then, it had already breached our airspace. Moreover, it wasn’t shot down until Friday, until Joe Biden reportedly then gave the order.

It’s concerning that it still shows we have a big vulnerability, and that the Biden team is still not being straight with us. Why are such things not being picked up and detected before they breach our space? Had this been some kind of weapon, it could have posed a big problem. And again, the assessment and reaction seem slow, especially if it had been a weapon.

The Biden team also is not providing any further information about the object. The most they have said at this point about it is that it was the “size of a small car,” it didn’t have a payload the size of the Chinese spy balloon; they added that it was “silver-ish gray” and “cylindrical,” and that it didn’t seem to have any means of propulsion. National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby said, “We don’t know who owns it – whether it’s state-owned or corporate-owned or privately-owned, we just don’t know.”

“We have no further updates at this time,” a Department of Defense spokesperson told The New York Post, when asked for more information.

Former Trump acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller ridiculed the Biden response, and not knowing what it was. “We don’t know if it’s a Chinese balloon or just some kid,” an incredulous Miller told Fox News. “If you’re a writer for Saturday Night Live, you’ve got all the material you need for the next three weeks.”

They’re also having trouble getting to the object.

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Meanwhile, there’s a new object that was sighted over Canada by NORAD and shot down over the Yukon. So, they could shoot it down over sparsely occupied land. They better figure out what’s going on and up their game, or we’re going to be in deep trouble.

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