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Power Line
31 Mar 2023
Scott Johnson

NextImg:Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll may or may not be NEURO-DIVERGENT, WHAT A CRAZY TERM! She writes:

When in the course of human lunacy the Left finds it necessary to destroy millennia-old institutions that have served humanity pretty well for, uh, millennia, they make up a stupid word that only the wokest cognoscenti are hip to. And then, SOMEHOW, within literally MINUTES, that’s the only acceptable word for whatever it is they were trying to describe.

There is plenty of clarity in the terms “husband” and “wife.” I have been a “wife” for thousands of weeks. It’s a huge part of who I am. But even before a lone gay judge overruled the majority of Californians and declared that there could be two husbands or two wives, I had already been demoted to “partner.” The government, even my synagogue(!), decided that what I actually had had all these years was not a “husband” but a “partner.” The new Marriage Licenses in San Francisco, and probably now everywhere, simply designate “Partner A” and “Partner B,” though why they are limited to two is unclear. (And soon it won’t be…)

Very romantic. Down on bended knee, a man looks into the eyes of his beloved and asks, “Will you be my partner?” Later, he approaches the woman’s father (OMG, the Patriarchy!) and asks for his daughter’s hand in a partnership. Feh!

Similarly, faster than a speeding bullet an insane contingent of Wokesters, several of them alleged to be MEDICAL PERSONNEL, decided that they could no longer distinguish a little penis from a non-penis situation in a newborn, and so babies’ Birth Certificates would no longer indicate “Gender,” or as it was called when I had a baby: Sex. No more Gender Reveal Parties; just wait till kindergarten when the green-haired, tattooed, semi-literate ninny in charge can encourage all the boys to be girls and vice versa.

How ironic that reality does intrude periodically such as when t-shirts celebrating gender-fluidity still only come in sizes for Men and Women. Or when one of my Arizona Senators, Ms. Sinema, calls herself “bisexual” it is an admission that, in fact, there are only TWO sexes. Oh well. Logic, rationality, tradition are of no more consequence to destructive leftists than concern about making a mess was to Godzilla.

Let’s take a brief stroll down Memory Lane to see how this worked with the ever evolving regime-approved term for black people. If you were not a bigoted cretin who used the terrible “n” word, you called black people “colored.” A Civil Rights organization that did very well in donations from freedom-loving folks of every hue called itself the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. And still does. But some people found this offensive. I have no idea why.

By the time I was in junior high, the proper word became “Negroes.” The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King used that word all the time. When Malcolm X came on the scene as a more radical competitor to Dr. King, he made fun of the word “Negro” and preferred “black.” Black was beautiful; black power was sought. People who still used “colored” or Negro were now two terms behind and looked down upon.

There was a very brief flirtation with Afro-American, but then THAT was considered disrespectful because of the diminutive of African and the whole, cumbersome African-American became the rule. Mind you, nobody ever once referred to me as Irish-Dutch-Danish-American or my husband, as Latvian-Hungarian-Jewish American. But, whatever.

And THEN – if you have just woken up from a 40-year coma, prepare to be shocked – although African-American was still used, the new, bold preferred designation became People of Color! Yes, that was not at all the same as Colored People because…reasons.

And since these things NEVER end, there is now a controversy over whether or not Black and White should be capitalized. I am completely agnostic on the question, except for saying that there should be something that is parallel. I was fine with Caucasian and Negro; I was fine with either black or colored and white. Less fine with People of Color and People of Pallor. And definitely extremely unfine with Black and White Supremacist, which is about the only time I see “white” capitalized.

I have lived long and prospered in this great country and I have never run across a genuine White Supremacist, except for Robert “Exalted Cyclops” Byrd, Joe Biden’s close personal friend. I have known quite a few people of every size, shape, and color who were – remember this great old word? – “prejudiced” about one thing or another. They had “pre-formed” negative opinions about black people, white people, Southerners, Jews, Catholics, Yankees (and not just the evil baseball team), country music, classical music, broccoli. I know at least five people who militantly HATE cilantro.

And on we march. The other day I saw a woman on Twitter describe herself – among many other newly minted adjectives – as “neuro-divergent” instead of “bat guano crazy.” Calling someone “crazy,” even if “they” are a bald luggage thief wearing a stolen designer dress, lipstick, and a dog collar – is a terrible offense, and almost certainly, racist, sexist, and cis-normative, the latter also being a stupid made-up word.

Just as there is currently nothing that is NOT racist – getting the right answer, picnics, being on time — there is no longer anything that IS “crazy.” It’s just that some people are wired differently, in effect, are “neuro-divergent.” You can say you are Napoleon. You can claim to be a dog or a cat. I saw a Phil Donahue program once where grown men were in diapers and special adult-sized highchairs and playpens and identified as babies. But none dare call them crazy – that’s just so “judgey.” They are neuro-divergent.

And not only is that not a character debit of any kind, it’s now a point worth mentioning on your resume! As the great Dave Barry assured us repeatedly when he was a columnist, “I am not making this up.”

A woman featured as an example of the kind of person the CIA was looking to hire bragged in the recruitment video about her race and sex (woman, whatever THAT is…) AND her Anxiety Disorder in the way a normal person might mention being an Eagle Scout or tutoring under-privileged kids.

Being an employee now seems to be a whole new ballgame from the last time I was employed by someone other than myself (1980). I guess a lot can happen in a mere 43 years! Gone are the days when you might have wanted to keep certain personal deficiencies or idiosyncrasies under wraps. Now they count as Entitlement Points! I wonder how many opportunities I lost in the past by failing to mention my spastic colon? Or my inability to suffer fools gladly, now repositioned as ISIS – Irritable Susan’s Intolerance Syndrome? But “crazy” is verboten.

There goes Willie Nelson’s song “Crazy,” immortalized by the late, great Patsy Cline. Not even Dizzily Diverse Disney could successfully re-market that as “Neuro-Divergent,” even if sung and twerked by a gay black Trans person.

To destroy our great country and its brilliant melting pot culture it has been necessary to divide us into ever smaller warring groups. In the New Entitlement Pecking Order, boring old gay people, most of whom want nothing more than to live in peace with someone of the same sex are being trumped by Trans People who may or may not even be gay!

And women’s sports have been ruined by fake women who are nothing more than men who can’t compete athletically with other men. Many of these heroes still have their male parts intact and on display in the locker room. Much as the Alphabet People have tried to hide the bad news, fake females in girls’ restrooms have assaulted real girls more than just visually. So it was only a matter of time before the old garden-variety rapists figured out that it would be a very soft landing to do their jail time in a women’s prison plus have access to more victims! And as frosting on the cake, make the taxpaying public pay for their drugs and surgeries, if they even bother with them. Heck, you can just DECLARE you are a woman!

But perhaps the most fundamental and decisive attack on our way of life is through the relentless torture and mutilation of the language itself — the building blocks with which we think and communicate. Resist. It is not “courteous” to use “they” to refer to a single deranged individual. It is grammatically moronic and another brick on the Road to Perdition. Do. Not. Comply.